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Sporcle countries of the world

If you're on the hunt for Sporcle countries of the world quizzes, you're in for a treat with the ultimate country finding tests! Find them all with our guide.

Sporcle countries of the world: A map shows a huge detailed version of earth, with all the countries pointed out with small markers

If you want to learn a bit more about the planet and all the places we’ve created, this selection of Sporcle countries of the world quizzes is sure to test your mettle. But don’t worry, we’ve also included a handy list to help you brush up your knowledge.

If you want to keep learning beyond Sporcle, we’ve also got guides to the best geography games and the best educational games for adults and kids.

Here are the best Sporcle countries of the world and similar quizzes:

Before we dive into the different quizzes, you can check out this official Sporcle blog post to see a full list of all the countries and rules.

Sporcle countries of the world: A map shows a huge detailed version of earth, with all the countries pointed out with small markers

Sporcle countries of the World 

This is the classic and one of the most popular geography quizzes on Sporcle right now. Try and name all 197 countries of the world within fifteen minutes, and it’s tough. Personally, I don’t think I can name ten countries (but I can name every Pokémon region), and even a quick attempt at this quiz revealed that a few places I thought were countries, are absolutely not. Test it yourself, over at the Sporcle Countries of the World quiz page.

Any bordering European country 

It’s as simple as the title ‘any bordering European country’ suggests. Starting with a prompt like France, Croatia, or Lithuania, you must choose from a list of every European country just one that borders the current prompt. Starting with France? Germany or Spain will do. Got Croatia? Hungary is right there. This is a fun one and a tad easier than countries of the world and is a great bit of refresher training for your next European holiday.

Sporcle Countries of the world: A map shows the United States of america

Find the US States 

You’d think this one would be easier than countries of the world, but where in the earlier quiz you simply have to name the countries, in Sporcle Find the US States you are presented with one the name of one of the states (Texas, Washington, Idaho, etc) and must point them out on a map. Look, I know where Texas is, I know where Florida and a smattering of other big states like New York and California are, but it turns out all the other states are an absolute mystery to me. Well, I dare any American to name a single town in Wales.

Flags of the World 

If you have absolutely nailed countries of the world, it’s time to take things up a notch. Flags of the World asks exactly what the name implies, you are presented with one of the 197 flags of the world, one by one, and must answer which country’s flag it is. I’m not even attempting this one, the names are one thing, but learning every single country’s flag is beyond my capabilities. Especially considering some have tiny differences from others, there’s no way my brain can handle all this. Good luck!

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15 Second Blitz: London Underground 

Maybe one for the American readers, and definitely one for quiz-hungry folks with a lack of free time. This high-pressure quiz known as 15 Second Blitz: London Underground gives you mere moments to pick out every London underground service from a list littered with red herrings. The dud answers are pretty tricky, and could even throw seasoned Londoners through a loop. Also at this point, there are a lot of lines, nobody will blame you for slipping up.

Sporcle countries of the world: A map shows a detailed illustration of Europe

Find the Countries of Europe 

Find the Countries of Europe challenges you to find 47 European countries, and is a great way to train up before taking on the bigger challenge of finding all the countries of the world. It’s also a great way to prepare for a grand, European road trip.

That’s everything we’ve got on Sporcle countries of the world and similar quizzes. If you fancy giving your brain a break, head over to our Coin Master free spins or free Monopoly Go dice links to snap up some goodies.