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Sports Story surprise launches on Nintendo Switch

Considering the Sports Story release date was set for December, it’s not the biggest surprise, but now we get our chance to play the indie sequel right away

Sports Story release date -- pixel art of a crowd watching a character with a golf club ready to swing below a sign that says 'purestrike'.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for a Sports Story release date since the first teaser back in December 2019. This sports RPG is, of course, the sequel to one of the early hits of the Switch, Golf Story, and has had me donning my clown makeup at every Indie Direct since in anticipation of a morsel of news. Just a crumb of information. Now, finally, we have our hands on it

If you don’t know – and dammit, you should – Sports Story is an expansion of the ideas from Golf Story, with this 16-bit sports sim now including tennis, soccer, fishing, volleyball, BMX, and more. So, instead of becoming a champion of the golf world, this time around, it’s up to you to master basically every sport on god’s green earth, as if Venus Williams and Tiger Woods had a baby with David Beckham as the nanny.

Not only is the retro-inspired sports game packing plenty of activities, but the same tongue-in-cheek humour and wacky locations from the first game are set to return too. In the trailer alone we could make out a haunted mansion, desert ruins, a small town mall, and a wild west saloon. There are also dungeons this time around. Is there anything this game can’t do?

When is the Sports Story release date?

Sports Story is out on the Switch now, as part of Nintendo’s House of Indies holiday event. We’ve finally got a chance to dive into this wacky world from Sidebar Games.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Sports Story release date. To up your skills before you dive in, check out our picks for the best golf games, cricket games, and tennis games.