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Star Racer is the game F-Zero fans have been waiting for

Star Racer certainly seems like a treat for F-Zero and Star Fox fans, but Switch fans might be out of luck despite the inspiration.

Star Racer release date key art showin space vehicles racing with two pairs of eyes in the background

The Star Racer release date is upon us. Well, for early access players on Steam, anyway. Yes, Steam. This game looks like the perfect addition to the Nintendo Switch library, so we’re hoping that the racer may appear on the platform in the future, especially as it clearly takes inspiration from a number of Nintendo games.

Firstly, just look at the aesthetic of Star Racer. It’s reminiscent of the beloved racing game F-Zero, except it has a bit more on offer that many fans of the beloved retro series would love to see. For instance, in Star Racer, you can embrace your inner Mario Maker and create your own tracks with a fully-fledged track editor, meaning you can make a custom course from scratch – you can even produce a more bendy and unforgiving track than Rainbow Road.

When you’re actually in a race, expect some high-speed combat as you can smash into your opponents in a bid to take them out of the running (bet that sounds familiar, right?) However, unlike F-Zero, you can perform an aerial assault, too, though you do need to make sure you avoid all of the obstacles. If you’re a Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing fan, you should be used to avoiding things like mines, ice, and lava pits.

There’s no word on whether or not Star Racer is coming to consoles down the line, but the HD-2D racer would be right at home on the Switch alongside F-Zero 99. We’ll certainly keep our eyes peeled for any info further down the line and let you know if we get the news we’re hoping for.

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