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You can make Strange Buns with the official Stardew Valley cookbook

Grab those eggs and get some milk - there’s a Stardew Valley cookbook on the way so you can replicate Gus’ infamous food from the Stardrop Saloon.

It’s me, reporting on nerdy books again, and this time an Amazon listing shows off an official Stardew Valley cookbook, coming next year. There’s nothing better than easy games on Switch like Stardew – even if Skull Cavern gets a bit hairy – except maybe being able to replicate the Survival Burger for ourselves.

The listing is very thin on the ground at the moment with not even an official picture of the book, but we do know that Ryan Novak is penning it alongside ConcernedApe. If the name rings a bell, it’s because he wrote the Stardew Valley Guidebook, Field Guide to Kanto, and Hollow Knight Wanderer’s Journal, among other works.

Scheduled to release on April 16, 2024, the cookbook costs an affordable $28/£22, which feels well worth it considering it holds more than fifty mouthwatering recipes brought to life from Stardew Valley.

The official Stardew Valley cookbook will tide you over through the entire year using seasonal ingredients based on what you can forage and use in the game. The recipes include things like the Pink Cake, Roots Platter, Farmer’s Lunch, and Pumpkin Soup. The best one? Strange Buns. What are they? How do they taste? We’ll need to wait and see.

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There are also original illustrations and delectable photography to pore over in the book along with the recipes, so it’ll add to a collection of video game-themed books if you have one. Here are the listings on Amazon US and UK to keep an eye on.

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