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The best restaurant games 2024

Tickle your tastebuds with our picks of the best restaurant games on Nintendo Switch and mobile so you can run a café, bistro, or restaurant all of your own.

restaurant games header: a raccoon in a chef hat holding a hot dog on a plate

Order up! Get your apron on and grab your spatula, then dive into the best restaurant games on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Whip out your portable device and sear some stakes, serve some customers, and climb the ranks to be the best chef there is.

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Let’s get to it and cook up our list of the best restaurant games available to sample.

best restaurant games Overcooked 2: players working together to cook food in the night

Overcooked! 2 – Switch

Overcooked! is a feeding frenzy party game for you and your friends, or other people on the internet via random matchmaking. Your job as a chef is to throw ingredients at each other and cook the orders coming in from customers. It’s a very hectic kitchen with a lot of obstacles, but Overcooked promises a raucously fun time for all involved.

best restaurant games cooking simulator: a board with some vegetables on it in a kitchen

Cooking Simulator – Switch

Quick, you’re a chef now, get to work! Or don’t, you can mess around in Cooking Simulator if you want. Try to cook some dishes for the hungry patrons in your restaurant, but you can have fun with it at the same time. Cooking Simulator places you in a first-person setting where you must grab all the ingredients and chop everything yourself. Enjoy!

best restaurant games cafeteria nipponica: a menu of ingredients to choose from

Cafeteria Nipponica – Switch and mobile

It’s not a game recommendations list if there’s not a pixel-art entry. Cafeteria Nipponica has a sweet and simple art style, but a complex strategy system consisting of hiring and training staff, building up a restaurant, and recipes to cook. Your customers are key here and they rate you on your service, so be sure to keep them happy…

best restaurant games automachef: a room full of machinery doing a job

Automachef – Switch

Tired of getting your hands dirty and doing all the work? Then try Automachef! Here, you build up a buzzing building filled with convenient machinery to take care of all your tasks for you. It can get a bit hectic but don’t worry, your tech can be trusted to produce tasty meals for all.

best restaurant games pokemon cafe remix: Pokemon icons tumbling on a screen

Pokémon Cafe Remix – Switch and mobile

It’s also not a ‘best of’ list for Switch without a Nintendo-owned IP, so we introduce you to Pokémon Cafe Remix. It’s a free-to-start puzzle game set in a cafe, with all your favorite Pokémon there to help out as your staff members. All you need to do is link together emoji-like items to gain points and use special boosts that pop up. There may not be actual cooking involved, but your cafe will be booming in no time.

best restaurant games good pizza great pizza: a customer asking for a pizza in a strange way

Good Pizza, Great Pizza – Switch and mobile

Ever wanted to own and run your own pizzeria? Well, grab a slice of the action and do just that in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Hungry patrons come in and your job is to satiate their desires by creating the perfect pizza. Upgrade your store as you go and unlock plenty of toppings – there’s something for everyone at Good Pizza.

best restaurant games krusty cook off: hungry customers waiting for their orders behind the grill

Krusty Cook Off – Switch and mobile

Spongebob Squarepants’ Krusty Cook Off originally released on mobile platforms, and now it brings us back to Bikini Bottom on Switch with all the trimmings. Show off your skills as a fry cook (and pancake chef) by quickly assembling Bikini Bottomites orders, or else they’ll get angry and leave a bad taste in your mouth. We have a Krusty Cook Off review for your perusal right here.

best restaurant games Cook Serve Delicious 3: a boba tea ready to serve

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! – Switch

You’re entered in the Iron Cook Foodtruck Championships – congratulations! Now, all you need to do is win in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! There’s a robust story carrying you through the game, and there’s also a single-player or co-op available in Cook, Serve, Delicious so you and a friend can tackle the more testing recipes. There are over 380 levels to chew through, which will keep you satiated for a long time.

best restaurant games cat cafe manager: a top down view of a cafe with customers inside

Cat Cafe Manager – Switch

In Cat Cafe Manager you run a cafe filled with cats. Not sold yet? OK, then let us tell you more. Starting with a run-down property, you rebuild the cafe and bring it to new heights of success with a warm and friendly atmosphere, welcoming both people and cats into your business. Hire staff to help and create your own custom food and drink to entice in even more friends and felines – what’s not to love? Check out our Cat Cafe Manager review right here!

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