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Survivor: Castaway Island brings Lord of the Flies vibes to Switch

There’s a Survivor: Castaway Island release date for Nintendo Switch, with Microids and Magic Pockets bringing the reality show to life in a new experience.

Key art for Survivor Castaway Island release date news with one of the survivors raising a stick in defiance

If you’ve ever wanted to prove yourself as the most capable castaway, get ready to live the dream with the Survivor: Castaway Island release date. Unlike other survival games, which see you alone in the ocean like Tom Hanks after a bad flight, this Nintendo Switch experience pits you against other lost souls in a battle to see who can make it the longest. Unfortunately, no FedEx packages are on hand to provide hope of returning to civilization. So winning is all you have!

For those that don’t know, Survivor is a long-running TV series broadcast in countless countries the world over, adapting the classic Robinson Crusoe trope of trying to survive on a deserted island. There’s a competitive edge, though, with only one winner, so think of it more as Among Us on an uninhabited island rather than a collective effort to return to civilization.

The gameplay in Survivor: Castaway Island combines adventure, survival, and party game concepts to form something as close to the reality TV experience as possible, without having to actually set off to a random island in the middle of the Pacific. It’s not yet clear whether there’s a multiplayer element, with the publisher teasing just the initial details of the game. Still, we’re hoping to bring some classic moments from the TV series to life with a few friends.

When is the Survivor: Castaway Island release date?

You can look forward to the Nintendo Switch Survivor: Castaway Island release date on October 3, 2023. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Survivor: Castaway Island trailer just yet, but we’re keeping our eyes open for further details.

Screenshot of a bucket carrying minigame for Survivor Castaway Island release date news

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