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Latest Switch 2 rumor suggests an 8-inch LCD screen for the console

Another day, another Nintendo Switch 2 rumor - this time pertaining to a larger, but LCD screen and a late 2024 release date.

Switch 2 LCD screen rumors: an OLED Switch in white with a hand lifting the screen

Another Nintendo Switch 2 rumor is here. Please, remember the word allegedly, and take all of this with a pinch of salt. Allegedly, the Switch 2 will have an LCD screen at release, according to a report.

This information comes from a post by Bloomberg, based on analyst Hiroshi Hayase of Omdia’s comments. The Nintendo Switch 2 is said to have an eight-inch LCD screen and is (allegedly) to arrive in 2024. To put this in perspective, the current OLED Switch has a seven-inch screen, so that extra inch would size up the console a little and expand the display quite a bit.

Hayase conducts research on the supply chains companies use, with a focus on small and medium displays, and is said to be a credible source. The exact quote in the article is that Hayase says “The new device from the Kyoto-based games maker will be responsible for a doubling in shipments of so-called amusement displays in 2024”.

This is not an official confirmation and could just as well be a different company, but rumors are starting to come together. Recently, rumors appeared that the Switch 2 is to release in September 2024 and cost around $400. This came from Altec Lansing, an AI company taking part in CES, though it did backtrack after the rumor went all around the internet.

There were, however, some interesting rumors in 2023 about Sharp supplying its LCD displays for a new console… a coincidence? I’m beginning to think not. While Sharp didn’t name any names specifically, it’s all lining up quite conveniently. Nintendo’s spokesperson has no comment on any of these rumors.

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Given that this alleged Switch 2 has an LCD screen, it stands to reason that we’d then get a Switch 2 OLED down the line, potentially larger in size and with better battery and storage. It’s no secret that the Switch, wonderful though it is, is aging and won’t be able to keep up much longer, and could do with some upgrades – so anything is welcome.

Again – this is all alleged and not confirmed. In the meantime, why not give the Switch one last hurrah and play some of the best JRPGs on the system, or see which is the best Nintendo Switch console out there?