New leak suggests the Nintendo Switch 2 is backward compatible

Reportedly, the Switch 2 features backward compatibility for physical and digital games, so your games can make the switch with you.

Switch 2 backward compatible: A Zelda OLED Switch with a wallpaper from Breath of the Wild overlayed on the screen. This is pasted on a red PT background

Another day brings us another Switch successor rumor, this time stating that the Switch 2 will be backward compatible. This reportedly applies to both digital and physical games, meaning you’ll still have access to all of your favorite Nintendo titles when the new console finally releases.

The more we learn about the Nintendo Switch 2, the more excited we get. This latest report is no different. As we’ve detailed in our existing Switch 2 guide, Eurogamer reported that Nintendo showed off some Switch 2 demos behind closed doors at Gamescom 2023, one of which was an enhanced version of Breath of the Wild, which makes this rumor all the more believable.

Centro Leaks on Twitter translated and summarized a post from Universo Nintendo stating that the Nintendo Switch 2 features backward compatibility for both digital and physical games, as well as the opportunity for devs to enhance their existing Switch titles to “take advantage of the added processing power.” Centro Leaks is a well-respected Nintendo rumor account, and according to Games Radar, Universo Nintendo has correctly reported on the contents of a number of Nintendo Directs in the past.

Universo Nintendo also says to expect the next Nintendo Direct presentation next week, while the hardware reveal is still about a month away. The article also mentions a Pokémon presentation during February, but this is pretty predictable as we’re only a couple of weeks away from Pokémon Day on February 27.

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That’s everything we know so far about the Switch 2’s backward compatibility. Check out our list of the other Switch 2 features we want while you’re here, as well as the new Switch games we’re excited for.