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Switch AC adapter information

With our Switch AC adapter guide, you can discover why it’s so important and where you can get a replacement should yours break or stop working.

A Picture of a boxed Switch AC Adapter

Sometimes things break. That’s a fact of life, but when it’s the power supply for your console life comes to a standstill, it’s a code red, a disaster, it’s a… 2319! Luckily, with our Switch AC adapter guide, we not only explain why it’s so important for the Nintendo console, but where you can get a replacement should you need one.

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Anyway, here’s what you need to know about the Nintendo Switch AC adapter.

A Nintendo Switch OLED in front of a red background - Switch AC adapter

What is the Switch AC adapter? 

In short, the AC adapter is the Switch’s power supply and is vital if you want to play the console on the big screen. You plug it into the dock thanks to the USB-C port, which not only powers the dock but can be put directly into the Switch or a pro controller to charge them.

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Where do I get a replacement Switch AC adapter? 

Should your Nintendo Switch AC adapter stop working, don’t panic, you can always play the console in its handheld mode and use another USB-C cable to charge it while you await a replacement. Speaking of which, you can get one from:



There you have it, what you need to know about the Switch AC adaptor. For more great games to play on the console, check out our best Switch RPGs guide.