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Date dreamy plants in Kinder World spin-off Take Me or Leaf Me

Looking for a Valentine this year? Then why not pick out a botanical new beau in Take Me or Leaf Me, a new mobile game from the Kinder World team

Take Me or Leaf Me official art featuring a person and some plants

If you fancy a fresh experience for Valentine’s day, then look no further than Kinder World developer’s free mobile game, Take Me or Leaf Me, which lets you date… plants? Let us introduce you to Take Me or Leaf Me, the world’s first houseplant dating simulator.

Yes, you read that right. It takes inspiration from other absurd dating sims and pays homage to the often very odd genre. The game is set in the Kinder World universe and sees you play as a single person looking for an eligible bachelor. You find yourself at a local plant store where you can select a new houseplant as a companion.

You might think, now hang on, aren’t they just plants in pots? No, actually, they’re kind of hot, and there are four pretty plant people to choose from. Take Me or Leaf Me isn’t a long game – it runs about 20 minutes each time so perfect for a coffee break – but it does have a few different endings for you to get.

When is the Take Me or Leaf Me release date?

Good news fern fans,  as the Take Me or Leaf me release date lands on Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2023.

Why not check out our interview with the Kinder World team? They’re a lovely bunch providing a wonderful service in the shape of a game focusing on mental well-being, and plants!

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