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What’s Tales Noir’s best class?

Tales Noir’s best class depends on what job you need to do, so take a look at our guide to get up to speed on everything in this collection game

Art for Tales Noir showing a green plain with a fantasy castle in the distance. In the foreground are various fantasy characters, one blonde in a white fluffy dress, one with slightly darker hair in a similar dress but blue, and a couple more characters further in the distance.

Tales Noir is an interesting blend of various genres. There’s a collection mechanic, with a whole host of princes and princesses from various fairy tales for you to add to your roster. There’s also a town-building aspect, as you create your own fantasy castle. Then there’s the job of defending it, which is another matter altogether.

So, how do you make sure you defend properly but are also prepared to sally forth and take the battle to the enemy? Well, you want to use Tales Noir’s best class, of course. But it’s not completely clear which class is best, nor which one to use in different situations. That’s why we’ve come to the rescue.

So, head down below to find out what Tales Noir’s best class is, then, when you’re all done here, check out some of our other guides. We have Tales Noir codes if you need a freebie or, for something a little different, check out our Mining Simulator 2 codes, Arena Champions codes, and Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes to get some other goodies.

Tales Noir best class

There are five classes in Tales Noir, so let us explain what they are and how they work.

Art from Tales Noir showing two characters either side of the logo with a dark coloured, scary looking dragon above it. The character on the left is blonde and wears a blue dress. The right hand side character has white hair and wears a white godly outfit.

Tales Noir hunter class

The hunter is a ranged attacker who can really pack a punch. Of course, the tradeoff with a high damage-dealing class is that they can’t soak up as much damage in return. So keep your distance, and take down as many enemies as you can from a safe position.

Tales Noir assassin class

The assassin is another high damage class, except it works slightly differently and has slightly better crowd control. Again, high damage means you need to make the most of the assassin’s speed to stay safe.

Tales Noir knight class

The knight class is your classic tank, able to absorb lots of damage and lead from the front. They dish out melee attacks and have decent damage, but make sure you’re not expecting too much from your knights in team battles.

Tales Noir sorcerer class

As I’m sure you guessed, sorcerers use magic to do their dirty work. They have great area-of-effect damage-dealing spells and are also pretty good with crowd control. They might well be the best all-rounder class in the game.

Tales Noir musician class

Musicians are your classic healer, so as you can imagine, they’re not going to be out there on the front lines. They’re a vital part of a team battle, keeping allies safe through the onslaught.

What’s Tales Noir’s best class?

Tales Noir’s best class depends on what you need. If you’re a new player, the sorcerer class or knight class will probably be best. If you’re a veteran, you’re more likely to use the assassin or musician, as you understand the flow of battles more. No class is immediately better than the other, but, when it comes to who you should pick, it depends on your skill level and how much time you’ve spent with the game.

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