Mining Simulator 2 codes – free coins, eggs, and more

Mining Simulator 2 codes are raring to go and get you free in-game items in the subterranean simulation from developer Rumble Studios

Art for Mining Simulator 2 showing a dog and a Roblox character in mining gear with glittery eyes as they look at underground treasure.

November 28, 2022: we added a bunch of new Mining Simulator 2 codes to our list.

Mining Simulator 2 is the sequel to Mining Simulator, believe it or not, and brings with it a new underground Roblox adventure for you to hack away at with your pickaxe. Developer Rumble Studios has made some Mining Simulator 2 codes as well, helping you get off to the best start possible.

So, head down below to our list of Mining Simulator 2 codes, to get some goodies like free coins to help get that digging done, or just a free basic egg. No matter what, these codes are here to help you get deeper into the mines and find more freebies. Feel free to bookmark this page too as we’ll add new codes as soon as they appear.

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Mining Simulator 2 codes

Active codes:

  • Update22 – six-hour lucky boost (new!)
  • Cartoon – four-hour super lucky boost (new!)
  • Update20 – six-hour lucky boost (new!)
  • Pixel – four-hour super lucky boost (new!)
  • Omega24 – 24-hour omega lucky boost
  • Super24 – 24-hour super lucky boost
  • Lucky24  24-hour lucky boost
  • Update18 – six-hour lucky boost
  • Ghost – four-hour super lucky boost
  • Update17 – six-hour lucky boost
  • Spooky – four-hour super lucky boost
  • Update16 – six-hour lucky boost
  • Halloween – four-hour super lucky boost
  • Update15 – six-hour lucky boost
  • Pastry – four-hour super lucky boost
  • Update14 – six-hour lucky boost
  • Chocolate – four-hour super lucky boost
  • Update13 – six-hour lucky boost
  • Candyland – four-hour super lucky boost
  • Update12 – 30-minute lucky boost
  • MysteryV3 – 30-minute super lucky boost
  • Update11 – free boost
  • LuckEvent – 30-minute lucky boost
  • Update10 – 30-minute super lucky boost
  • UltraLucky – four-hour omega lucky boost
  • Atlantis – 30-minute lucky boost
  • Update9 – super lucky boost
  • LostCity – 30-minute omega lucky boost
  • SuperEvent  – 1-hour lucky boost
  • ExtraLuck – 30-minute super lucky boost
  • Update8 – 30-minute super lucky boost
  • Mystery – 30-minute lucky boost
  • Season2 – 30-minute omega lucky boost
  • Update7 – 30-minute super luck boost
  • Treasure – 30-minute luck boost
  • Update6 – super boost
  • fishing – luck boost
  • Update5 – 30-minute super luck boost
  • July4th – 30-minute luck boost
  • Update4 – 30-minute luck boost
  • Factory – 30-minute luck boost
  • UltraLuck – 30 minutes omega lucky boost
  • MegaLuck  30-minute omega lucky boost
  • Lucky – one-hour luck boost
  • SuperLucky – 30-minute super luck boost
  • Trading – 250 gems
  • Gems – 50 gems
  • RareCrate – one rare crate
  • FreeCrate – one basic crate
  • Release – 100 coins
  • FreeEgg – one free basic egg

Expired codes:
There are currently no expired Mining Simulator 2 codes. Hooray!

The Mining Simulator 2 logo on a background.

What are Mining Simulator 2 codes?

Mining Simulator 2 codes are free goodies given out by the developer – how kind they are – and can be super helpful at getting everything you need in the game. Keep this page bookmarked for more, as the developer Rumble Studios is likely to give them out when the game hits certain milestones.

How do I redeem Mining Simulator 2 codes?

Redeeming Mining Simulator 2 codes is super simple, just follow these steps:

  • Boot up Mining Simulator 2 in Roblox
  • Press the Twitter icon on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Type in one of our codes in the box that appears at the bottom
  • Hit the redeem and enjoy your free stuff!

That’s how easy it is to redeem Mining Simulator 2 codes. For more, why not head over to our Roblox promo codes, Coin Master free spins, and Genshin Impact codes pages. Free stuff is great, right?