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Tavern Talk Kickstarter brews up a release for the new cozy game

Upcoming indie game Tavern Talk’s Kickstarter campaign blasts through its goals, promising a 2024 release date, and a new gameplay trailer.

Tavern Talk release date: mythical characters stood at a bar watching two characters arm wrestle

If you’ve ever wanted to run a tavern in a mystical fantasy world and listen to your patrons after a long day, then now’s your chance – Tavern Talk releases on Nintendo Switch next year.

Taking inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons and the Coffee Talk series, Tavern Talk is a cozy visual novel game sure to satiate anyone’s palate. Recently, it passed the £100k mark on its Kickstarter, with over 2,500 backers.

This amount of funding means almost all stretch goals are now unlocked, including a Tavern Talk D&D 5E one-shot campaign – that the development team will stream, too – new drinks on the menu, and extra characters. The next (and perhaps best) stretch goal is a themed set of digital tarot cards.

In this game, you’re the tavern’s owner, the innkeeper, the key character in so many fantasy settings. Not only are you here to lend an ear to your patrons, but you can collect quests and assign the right adventurers for each mission while brewing potions to equip them with. Of course, there’s also an ancient evil force at play across the land, and naturally, you’re in a position to help… if you so choose.

As you while away your days behind the bar, you meet a wide range of characters from vampires to feline Vukakin detectives, to blacksmiths and warriors and so much more. Each character has their own engaging story, where choices matter – so think about what you say to everyone.

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The studio behind the game is Gentle Troll, quite fittingly, and it promises a Q2 release in 2024 on Switch and PC, including all of the stretch goal content unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign.

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