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Temtem breeding - egg techniques, SVs, Mimit, and more

Temtem breeding is the only way of making a team worthy of the competitive challenge, so we’ve put together a guide to get you hatching eggs fast

Custom image for Temtem breeding guide with images of Temtem eggs, and Mimit, the breeding monster

Just like in Pokémon, Temtem breeding is one of the better ways of guaranteeing a top-tier team that’s ready to take on the competitive tamers of the world. However, things in Crema’s monster tamer are a little different to that of Game Freak’s, with a system that makes it possible to guarantee a potent pet monster, even if it does take a lot of work to get there.

So, we’ve put together this Temtem breeding guide to help you birth only the best baby Temtem with the highest possible stats. Of course, you might just want to breed for fun, so we’ve made sure to start with the simple stuff and then anyone who wants to become a master breeder can keep reading for more in-depth breeding techniques.

For more help getting on in the Airborne Archipelago, we’ve got guides on Temtem Saipark, Temtem starters, and a Temtem tier list to help you decide on which monsters you should play cupid with. Or, if you’re yet to try out the MMO monster-tamer from Crema, see our Temtem review to see why we think it might be up to the test of taking on Pokémon.

What is Temtem breeding?

In Temtem, you can breed any two monsters providing that they’re male and female and share a typing, with no egg groups to complicate things. The egg you get will always belong to the female species left with at the breeding centre, so if you were to leave a male Revel and a female Houchic, you always get Houchic eggs from that pairing. The one caveat is that Temtem has its own Ditto-type breeder, something that can breed with all possible Temtem regardless of gender, and that’s Mimit.

You can find Mimit in Cipanku, the fifth island on your adventure, by exploring a small area in Iwaba (this is the first part of the island you arrive in before you gain access to Neoedo). You can find the area circled in the image below, but keep in mind that Mimit has a 20% spawn rate, so you might need to spend a little time trying to find it.

screenshot of Temtem map with Mimit's area highlighted for Temtem breeding guide

What are Temtem TVs and SVs?

There are two important stats when it comes to the power of a Temtem, and one of them, SVs, is determined through breeding. You can TVs, or training values, through battles and special fruit items that raise your stats, with a possible 1000 to allocate across a specific monster’s seven attributes. SVs, or single values, are much like IVs in Pokémon in that they also determine the power of the monster, but you can do little to change them after catching or hatching a Temtem.

Example of Temtem SVs and TVs on Gharunder for Temtem breeding guide

SVs have a scope from 1-50, with 50 rankings commonly referred to as “perfect SVs”. It’s rare to get perfect SVs in wild monsters, unless they’re from Saipark, radar use, or pheremones, and rarer still to get 50 SVs across the board. The problem is that most competitive online players will have almost perfect SV teams, so you need to prepare your own to counter that. The best way to do this is through breeding, and using items from the breeding centre to guarantee passing down a certain SV stat. We’ll get into this a little more further down the guide, but for now, all you need to know is that high SV monsters are sought after, and you should utilise any that you find in the wild through breeding.

What is Temtem fertility?

Unlike Pokémon, who can breed until the cows come home and go back out again, Temtem have a limited fertility period that is dependent on both how many times you use them for breeding and their SVs. Every time a monster is used for breeding it loses one fertility point, starting with a maximum of 8. Check out the table below to see how SVs affect fertility.

Number of 49/50 SVs Fertility
0 8
1 or 2 7
3 or 4 6
5 or 6 5
7 4

How do you breed Temtem with egg techniques?

Egg techniques are moves that a Temtem can’t learn by itself, but can inherit from a different species through breeding. For instance, if you want to breed a Houchic to be able to use the move strangle, you can breed a female Houchic/Tental/Nagaise with a male Vental that knows the attack, and it will be passed down along to the Houchic egg. You can check what every individual Temtem can learn through egg techniques by searching for them on the official Temtem wiki.

How do you breed luma Temtem?

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed method of breeding luma Temtem unless you already have at least one, and for the most part, you’re taking as much of a chance as you would be hunting in the wild. The odds of breeding a luma Temtem increases x10 for each luma parent, with the best odds at 1 in 75 by breeding two lumas.

Temtem breeding screen with the example SVs from breeding Tuwai with another wind type

How do you breed perfect SV Temtem?

So, if you read the start of this guide, you know that we said it is possible to breed perfect SV Temtem, but it’s a long and expensive process. First off, if you want to breed a perfect SV Houchic, for example, you need enough Houchic with potent enough stats to each pass along one or two SV ratings. We’ve listed what you would need with Houchic as an example below

  • Two 50 HP SV Houchic
  • Two 50 STA SV Houchic
  • Two 50 SPD SV Houchic
  • One 50 ATK SV Houchic
  • One 50 S-ATK SV Houchic
  • One 50 DEF SV Houchic
  • One 50 S-DEF SV Houchic

From this point onwards, you need to buy specific items from the counter in the breeder centre to allow certain traits to pass down. For example, with your 50 ATK SV Houchic, you need an aggressive DNA strand. You can view the effect of each strand in the shop before you buy it, so you know which applies to which of your breedable monsters. You can find more information on breeding over at the official Temtem wiki.

With that, you know all there is to know about Temtem breeding. For more online battlegrounds, but with significantly fewer cute monsters, check out our picks for the best mobile MMORPGs.