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Temtem dojo guide - how to beat the greatest tamers

If you’re struggling with a particular Temtem dojo, or you just want to know the challenge that awaits in the Airborne Archipelago, we’ve got the guide for you

Screenshot of Temtem dojo challenge against Murdag with her nature and digital monsters

While Pokémon has its gym leader challenge, Temtem’s dojos are a suped-up eight-legged gauntlet for grown-up tamers who are looking for something a little trickier than the likes of Brock and Misty. They don’t disappoint either, with each and every dojo master in the Airborne Archipelago arriving for the battle with some serious talent in the party.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this Temtem dojo guide to help you beat the best and become the finest tamer from Deniz all the way to Arbury. With all the weaknesses of every dojo tamer Temtem listed, you should have no problem finding your way through the eight icons on your way to the top, and we’ve even included a handy level guide so you know when it’s time to face the music and take on the next dojo.

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How to beat the Temtem dojos

We’ve split all eight Temtem dojos into their own table, with the level, typing, and weaknesses of each party member available for you to check out. We also plan to return to this guide with all the important rematch information, but there’s a lot to digest there, so report back once the Temtem 1.0 meta has had a little time to flourish.

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Sophia

How to beat Sophia at the Arrisola Dojo

Recommended party level: 18-24

Sophia is the first dojo leader you will meet in your adventure across the Airborne Archipelago. She specialises in water and wind Temtem, so keep your fire and earth monster behind and be sure to bring a decent enough team of electric, nature, and toxic Temtem. However, as this is the first dojo, the challenge isn’t as great as you face later in the game, and any team of six that are levelled appropriately stand a good chance.

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Loali 16 Nature/wind Fire/toxic
Kalabyss 17 Water/toxic Wind/electric
Spazy 18 Electric Earth/crystal
Pigepic 19 Wind Electric
Tuwai 21 Wind Electric
Oceara 22 Water Electric/nature/toxic

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Rawiri

How to beat Rawiri at the Mokupuni Dojo

Recommended party level: 22-30

Things get a little trickier in Mokupuni, with the fire and neutral Temtem tamer Rawiri providing more of a challenge than your debut dojo trial. Fortunately, it’s still not the trickiest battle, and with Rawiri relying mainly on a team of single-typing Temtem of either the nature or fire variety, you can clear this battle with a three-tier team of water, fire, and earth Temtem. 

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Deendre 24 Nature Fire/toxic
Tateru 24 Neutral Mental
Taifu 29 Nature Fire/toxic
Magmis 22 Fire Water/earth
Banapi 18 Fire Water/earth
Raise 28 Fire Water/earth

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Tihani

How to beat Tihani at the Nanga Dojo

Recommended party level: 30-40

The Nanga dojo, and its leader Tihani, has one of the most electric mixes of Temtem types across her roster. However, if you take a look at the weaknesses list on the table below, you’ll notice that the common themes are electric, toxic, and fire, so providing you bring at least one powerful Temtem belonging to each type, 

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Mastione 33 Fire/water Electric/toxic
Cerneaf 33 Nature Fire/toxic
Kinu 38 Nature/mental Fire/digital/crystal/toxic
Ukama 33 Water Nature/electric/toxic
Granpah 33 Wind Electric
Wiplump 31 Water/nature Electric (x4), 

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Yareni

How to beat Yareni at the Quetzal Dojo

Recommended party level: 32-45

The other side of the Quetzal dojo is the halfway mark in the quest to take on all eight, but first you have to find a way past Yareni and her collection of toxic and crystal Temtem. This is one of the trickier battles as toxic and crystal are two of the best defensive typings on the game, but if you still have the electric Temtem from the third dojo, along with any melee or earth monsters you can find in the wild and train to about level 36/37, you should clear this trial with ease. 

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Volarend 36 Toxic/wind Electric
Myx 33 Crystal/mental Earth/fire/digital/crystal
Mudrid 39 Earth/crystal Melee(x4)/water/nature/earth
Gazuma 34 Electric/wind Crystal
Noxotl 35 Toxic Wind
Shuine 46 Crystal/water Nature/melee

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Musa

How to beat Musa at the Vumbi Dojo

Recommended party level: 42-53

Musa is the fifth Temtem dojo master you meet on your journey, finding yourself at the Vumbi dojo among a litany of neutral and earth-type Temtem. Mental and water types can easily have a field day against Musa’s party, providing you bring something along to deal with the threat of Myx, but any capable earth or fire Temtem should do the job. 

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Mudrid 43 Earth/crystal Melee(x4)/water/nature/earth
Kauren 43 Earth Water/nature/melee
Yowlar 53 Neutral Mental
Mushook 45 Toxic/melee Wind/mental/digital
Akranox 45 Earth/toxic Wind/melee
Skunch 51 Neutral/melee Mental(x4)/digital

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Dr. Sasaya

How to beat Dr. Sasaya at the Neoedo Dojo

Recommended party level: 53-66

Neodo dojo is the home of electric and digital Temtem, looked over by its matriarch Dr. Sasaya. A powerful earth Temtem is a must here, as well as a nature-type to mop up some of the hybrid monsters on Dr. Sasaya’s team with earth or water typings. Finally, bring an electric special attacker to get a two-turn kill on the doctor’s powerful Zaobian, and this battle should be over in a flash. 

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Grumper 54 Earth/electric Earth/water/nature/melee
Nessla 54 Water/electric Nature/crystal/toxic
ob10 55 Digital/electric Earth/water/digital/crystal
Amphatyr 61 Electric/nature Fire/crystal/toxic
Mimit 55 Digital N/A (Mimit transforms into the Temtem directly opposite it, but as that is your Temtem, you should be able to see which of your moves are super effective) 
Zaobian 64 Digital Digital/water/electric

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Murdag

How to beat Murdag at the Lochburg Dojo

Recommended party level: 64-77

Lochburg’s dojo is the penultimate dojo battle, with a mixture of mental, electric, and melee Temtem courtesy of Murdag. To best this battle, you need to bring along at least one potent digital Temtem, and one tanky Temtem to allow the use of healing items on your digital attacker, with the rest of the party made up of mental, crystal, and earth-types.

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Maoala  64 Melee/mental Digital(x4), electric/mental/crystal
Skunch 64 Neutral/melee Mental(x4)/digital
Magmut 64 Melee/fire Earth/water/mental/digital
Monkko 70 Digital/melee Digital(x4)/water/electric/mental
Grumper 67 Earth/electric Earth/water/nature/melee
Golzy 75 Electric/melee Earth/mental/digital/crystal

Screenshot of special Temtem dojo screen with a pose from leader Percival

How to beat Percival at the Properton Dojo

Recommended party level: 76-90

The final dojo in the gauntlet of tamer challenges is home to Percival, a lover of the mental type. While this battle might look very tricky from the levels of the monsters you’re facing, three out of the six of Percival’s party – Innki, Tukai, and Minothor – all have 4x weakness that you can plan your roster around before heading into the battle. 

Temtem Level Type Weakness
Koish (mental)  77 Water/mental Nature/electric/digital
Innki 77 Electric/crystal Earth(x4)/fire/melee/crystal
Tukai 84 Wind/water Electric(x4)/nature/toxic
Minothor 80 Mental/eletric Crystal(x4)/earth/digital
Aohi 80 Mental/fire Electric/mental/digital/crystal
Vental 85 Neutral/mental Earth/water/electric/digital

With that, you should be ready and raring to take on the Temtem dojo challenge. Once you’ve had your fill with it, get a little lesson in monster-taming history with our feature exploring how the Pokémon gotta catch ’em all formula spawned a genre of its own.