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Temtem luma - what are they, where to find them, and more

If you’re on a Temtem luma hunt for a shiny monster friend, we’ve got the only guide you need to guarantee a creature worth showing off online

Custom image of luma Temtem Molgu and Blooze on a Temtem background

We all want something shiny and nice, and in Crema’s monster taming game, that something is a luma Temtem. With their golden glow, enhanced stats, and that all-important star marking by the name, these monsters are the cream of the crop both in appearance and on the competitive scene, so adding a couple to your party should be a priority.

Fortunately, our Temtem luma guide is here to help you find this game’s shiny equivalent before you try and take to the dojos and lairs throughout the Airborne Archipelago. As you might expect for a shiny equivalent, luma Temtem still aren’t the easiest things to get your hands on, but with our methods, you should have a better idea of how to improve your chances.

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What are luma Temtem?

Luma Temtem are the Temtem equivalent of shiny Pokémon, though in this case, they really are shiny. Rather than the plain old pallet swap we see in the Pokémon series, the special monsters of this game elicit a magical shine, making it even more obvious if you’re lucky enough to bump into one in the wild.

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The big difference between luma Temtem and shiny Pokémon is that luma Temtem tend to be competitively viable without relying on RNG for their stat attributes, with SVs, the IV equivalent, maxed across three or four of the seven stats. Still, if these stats don’t meet up with what you need in a monster, that’s nothing a little Temtem breeding can’t solve.

What are luma Temtem odds?

The odds of finding Temtem luma varieties in regular play are 1 in 7,500. You can hardly claim that the numbers are in your favour there, but there are a few ways you can increase the likelihood of picking up an elusive luma Temtem, and you can find them in the next section.

Screenshot of a Temtem luma Hedgine with it's shiny golden glow

Where can I get a luma Temtem?

There are a bunch of methods that can help you find a luma Temtem, though few are guaranteed. Check out the headings below for our tried and trusted ways of getting a shiny monster friend, and we’ll be back to update this page if there’s any post-launch content that makes the Temtem luma hunt any easier.

Luma radar

Luma radars are special items you can use to raise the odds of finding a specific luma Temtem. You can earn luma radars by challenging and beating, dojo leaders for a second time in a competitive battle. Once you have your luma radar, you need to head to an area in which you would usually encounter the specific Temtem from your luma radar, and multiple monsters will spawn while the radar is active.

To raise luma Temtem odds by using a luma radar, you need to chain together as many encounters as possible. We’ve made a simple table you can find below to follow how many chain encounters you need to boost the odds to be more in your favour. Just keep in mind, the chain breaks at 300, so don’t think it’s your mistake when the chain resets.

Chain length Luma rate Luma odds
0-99 x1 1 in 7,500
100-199 x5 1 in 1,500
200-300 x10 1 in 750 


The safari zone equivalent in Temtem, Saipark, is filled with special monsters on a rotating weekly basis, and now and then, there’s a chance you can grab a luma Temtem there. The odds range from 1x, or the regular odds, to 4x luma odds in a luma week, and after doing the maths, that gives you a chance of 1 in 1,875. To check what the odds are for this week, visit our Temtem Saipark guide.

Luma breeding

Breeding a luma Temtem is another option, but you will need at least one shiny Temtem before trying it. A Temtem luma breeder alongside a regular Temtem has a 1 in 1,000 chance of offering a luma Temtem, while two of the special monsters put together have a much lower 1 in 100 chance of giving you a shiny pal you can show off online. Just remember, unlike Pokémon, Temtem have fertility limits, so try not to wear out your luma love machine early on.

There you have it, our Temtem luma guide complete with our tried and trusted methods. For more monster taming trials, see our Coromon review.