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Grand Cross celebrates its fourth birthday with the Holy War Festival

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ Holy War Festival is here to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary, and it even includes a new character.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Holy War Festival key art showing a character with a sword in the middle of a checked floor

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Holy War Festival is upon us, just in time to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary. Yes, fourth. Time sure is flying by. As with any celebration like this, you can expect to be able to take part in new events, get a bunch of freebies and rewards, and get your hands on a new hero.

Speaking of which, the hero you can now play as is (Broken Balance) Chaos Arthur, and we have no doubt that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the anime game. Mind you, he’s a bit pointless if you don’t actually recruit him, which is where the Holy War Festival Draw: Omen of Chaos comes in, as it gives you the chance to grab the new hero. You need to reach 900 miles if you want to guarantee your success, though it’s worth going the distance just for a shot at getting other heroes, such as (Cursed Shackles) Purgatory Meliodas.

It might seem a bit meaningless to get new heroes and not be able to upgrade them, which is why the Anniversary Check-In Event exists, as it allows you to receive up to 200 diamonds during the promotional period, which, incidentally, runs from now until March 28.

While all of that sounds great and might even be enough, Grand Cross has two other events to take note of throughout the month – the Step Up Draw and Wish Box Event. The former gives you up to 110 free draws, which you can use to choose up to a maximum of five heroes at UR 90, though you do need to reach step ten before this is possible.

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Finally, the Wish Box Event gives you the chance to earn different materials and cosmetic items; all you need to do is participate in the other events on offer. All in all, throughout March, you can earn up to 80 legendary seals, which are crucial if you want to upgrade your characters.

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