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The Shape of Things release date clicks into place on Switch

The Shape of Things’ release date brings the critically-acclaimed 3D puzzle experience to the Switch, adding to the growing library of cozy game options.

The Shape of Things release date: A rubber duck in partial fragments being put back together in The Shape of Things

We all love match three games, but sometimes you’re after a different kind of puzzle experience on the Switch. Hyper Three Studio is here to answer that call, announcing The Shape of Things’ release date for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

The Shape of Things is a cozy, Rubik’s Cube-inspired 3D puzzle game that gets you to focus on, well, the shape of things like clocks, anchors, and more as you put them back together one piece at a time. Move the pieces around by panning, scaling, and rotating the object until the missing pieces slot together as they were always meant to. If you remember the Genshin Impact event ‘Wonderous Shadows’, it’s somewhat similar.

Adding to the cozy and whimsical atmosphere is the gachapon machine that unlocks each level for you. You earn coins by completing puzzles and then spend them on the machine to release a new mystery world trapped within. The levels appear in a random order, adding to the game’s replayability, and you can adjust the weather and time of day in your cozy room to fit your perfect scenario.

When is the The Shape of Things release date?

The Shape of Things comes to the Nintendo Switch on August 31, 2023. It’s already out on Steam and the Epic Games Store and people love it, so we’re hoping the Switch player base does too.

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