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Genshin Impact events schedule June 2024

Our Genshin Impact events schedule keeps tabs on all current and upcoming events, dates, and more so you never have to miss a thing.

Key art from one of the 4.6 Genshin Impact events, showing Itto singing with Paimon, Dvorak, Yoimiya, Yae Miko, Heizou, and Kuki in the background

Genshin Impact events are an important staple in every new update, offering a great variety of unique gameplay modes to keep you busy between major content updates. From fights to festivities, there’s always something going on in Teyvat, and with the help of this guide, you never have to miss a thing.

Of course, as the Genshin Impact event schedule changes pretty much every week, be sure to keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss anything. If you’re looking to be a Genshin pro outside of events, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact tier list and our Genshin Impact next banner guide. We’ve also got a list of Genshin Impact codes bursting with exciting goodies for you to snap up.

Here are all the new Genshin Impact events:

Current Genshin Impact events schedule

Here are all the current Genshin Impact events. All events are limited, so be sure to get involved before they’re over.

Mutual Security Enhancing Simulation

June 6 – 17

This tower defense event has Travelers working alongside the Millelith – among other factions – in a cooperative wargame. Here, you must try out new combat tactics like placing items to fend off waves of enemies. This event gives a four-star bow and catalyst as rewards.

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Genshin Impact web events

An Eventful Vacation

May 31 – June 6

Accompany Genshin Impact’s Chlorinde on a vacation day, completing scenes and revealing the truth behind tabloid articles, in order to earn primogems and more. Head over to the event page to take part now.

Underwater Treasure Hunt

May 29 – June 11

Use to treasure compass to find treasure and claim rewards, including primogems, mora, a top-up coupon, and more. Head over to the event page to get searching.

Discover Traces, Explore Nature

March 16 – June 15

It’s time for the Genshin Impact X Discovery Teyvat Nature Discovery Tour! Head over to the event page and log in, then snap photos of creatures based on the riddles to earn a total of 40 primogems and the Serenitea Pot furnishing ‘Let the Desert Bloom’. You can also share your benefit-themed name card on social media to be in with a chance of winning even more primogems.

Head over to the official Hoyolab post to find out more and participate now.

Genshin Impact events - Paimon and the Traveler inside a dark room

Upcoming Genshin Impact events

Imaginarium Theater

Permanent after version 4.7

This new combat event will be a permanent fixture, alternating updates with the Spiral Abyss. In the event, you can use your friend’s characters along with trial versions to bolster your roster, and complete specific challenges. Rewards for this include primogems, XP materials, and redeemable coins that you can spend on poses for your favorite characters during photoshoots!

Record of Reflective Writing

June 18 – 24

This event takes us back to Mondstadt to meet some old friends, and take part in five-stage challenges using the available characters. The challenges include collecting coins in different stages where obstacles constantly get in your way.

Endless Forms Most Martial

Version 4.7

Another combat event coming up is the Endless Forms Most Martial, where you must form a party that fits the brief and can attain effects by performing certain elemental reactions. You can earn primogems, talent materials, mora, and more in this event.

Spino Doubleblaster

Version 4.7

Head to Fontaine and make use of a mysterious water cannon to blast balloons out of the air in timed rounds. This event gives primogems, XP items, and more for your time.

Ley Line Overflow

Version 4.7

The Ley Line Overflow event returns, allowing you to get double drops from mora and XP ley lines in the overworld – you can do this three times each day that the event is on.

And that’s everything you need to know about the current and upcoming Genshin Impact events. If you’re looking for more open-world fun, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact for something new to play.