Genshin Impact events schedule February 2024

Our Genshin Impact events schedule keeps tabs on all current and upcoming events, dates, and more so you never have to miss a thing.

Genshin Impact events 4.4 - Ganyu in her new outfit standing in front of glowing lanterns at the Lantern Rite festival

Genshin Impact events are an important staple in every new update, offering a great variety of unique gameplay modes to keep you busy between major content updates. From fights to festivities, there’s always something going on in Teyvat, and with the help of this guide, you never have to miss a thing.

Of course, as the Genshin Impact event schedule changes pretty much every week, be sure to keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss anything. If you’re looking to be a Genshin pro outside of events, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact tier list and our Genshin Impact next banner guide. We’ve also got a list of Genshin Impact codes bursting with exciting goodies for you to snap up.

Here are all the new Genshin Impact events:

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Current Genshin Impact events schedule

These are all the current Genshin Impact events. All events are limited, so be sure to get involved before they’re over.

Of Kites and New Sights

February 24 – March 13

Log into the game every day during this event to get a variety of items including intertwined fates and more.

Receiver of Friends From Afar

February 21 – March 4

After accepting a commission to temporarily stand in for the injured Smiley Yanziao as Wangshu Inn’s acting head chef, you find yourself in the presence of some familiar faces – and it’s up to you to introduce them to the wonders of Liyue’s famous cuisine!

Whip up some delicious dishes that tantalize the tastebuds of your friends from Mondstadt, Inazuma, Sumeru, and Fontaine, and uncover the real reason behind their visit, all while snagging some great goodies along the way.

Triumphant Frenzy

February 15 – 26

In the depths of a mysterious domain, treacherous foes of even more mysterious origins are preparing for battle. Each challenge has four rounds – normal, advanced, and pro – in which you can take two to four randomly selected trial characters to join your lineup as you go head to head with some tough enemies.

Form strong teams, take use of buffs, and take down enough opponents within the time limit in order to earn primogems, level-up materials, and more.

Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze

February 5 – 26

Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite is here again! This highly anticipated annual festival brings with it a whole host of fun games, festivities, and more.

Minigames include paper theater performances, teaming up with other players to have a go at Wushou Dancing, racing around Liyue as a golden carp, and more. As always, you can bet it’ll be a blast!

But, if the fun games aren’t enough to pull you in, the rewards might be! Take part in the events to earn points and claim a variety of goodies, including character and talent level up material, fragile resin, intertwined fates, and more, as well as the free ‘Bamboo Rain’ skin for Genshin Impact’s Xingqiu.

Friends at the Doorstep

February 5 – 26

In celebration of the Lantern Rite, we also see the return of the free Liyue four-star tradition. That’s right, if you earn enough points while taking part in the festivities, you can choose to receive a free copy of one of the following characters:

Genshin Impact web events

Dancing Beasts and Soaring Kites

February 8 – 17

“Dancing Beasts to Wave in the New, and Soaring Kites for Blessings Too! The Lantern Rite is here, bringing happiness, prosperity, and good fortune~”

Log into the game and web event and complete missions each day to claim the event item, pale yellow silk paper. You can then use your pale yellow silk paper to unlock the various sections of the event and search for the correct options. After you choose the right option, you can claim a variety of in-game rewards including primogems and more.

Check out the Hoyolab post to learn more and participate in the event now!

A screenshot of a Genshin Impact event mini game from the Lantern Rite, showing a paper theater board with Guoba and Yugei collecting food

Upcoming Genshin Impact events

Journey Through Hilinigmatic Terrain

February 29 – March 11

Recently, there have been some strange occurrences in Mondstadt, with mysterious statues suddenly appearing in Dadaupa Gorge that have caused the hilichurl tribes to behave strangely strangely. Naturally, it’s up to you to investigate and get to the bottom of it.

Use the Eye of Upano to attach yourself to hilichurls and anemo slimes in order to infiltrate the deepest parts of their camps and uncover the secrets of the mysterious statues – just be sure to avoid interfering samachurls, as they can see through your disguise. Once you’ve investigated the statues, you can enter a deep domain, where a tough battle awaits. But don’t fret, as you’ll be rewarded well for your efforts.

Overflowing Mastery

March 4 – 11

In this rerun of the recurring event, you can receive double rewards from talent level-up domains.

And that’s everything you need to know about the current and upcoming Genshin Impact events. If you’re looking for more open-world fun, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact for something new to play.