Genshin Impact events guide

Grab your main and whip out your glider, as we take a look at the exciting Genshin Impact event schedule of everything going on right now in Teyvat

From limited-time dungeons to fun, fungi-fighting escapades, our Genshin Impact event guide seeks to keep you up to date with all the current and upcoming events, so you’ll always have a calendar full of fun shenanigans to get into.

Of course, as the Genshin Impact events schedule changes pretty much every week, you’ll want to keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss anything. So get this page bookmarked and get a magic quill in hand, as we look at what’s happening and what’s on the horizon in Teyvat. If you’re looking to be a Genshin pro outside of events, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact tier list and our Genshin Impact next banner guide. We’ve also got a list of Genshin Impact codes bursting with exciting goodies for you to snap up.

Now, let’s get into all of the exciting Genshin Impact events.

Genshin Impact event Test of Courage, showing a Traveler running around an arena

Current Genshin Impact event schedule

These are all the current Genshin Impact events, including competitions where you can snag some great, real-life merch. All events are limited, so be sure to get involved before they’re over.

Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant

November 24 – December 5

Use dissonance to take down rounds of elemental foes within the time limit to earn points, freemos, and more.

Fabulous Fungus Frenzy

November 10 – 28

Capture fungus and harness their power by creating floral jelly blends for them to enjoy. Then, team up with your fun fungi to take down enemies and earn heaps of rewards, including a copy of Genshin’s Dori.

Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens: Greenery Chapter

November 16 – December 5

Asagiri, the illustrator from Inazuma, needs your  help once again. Take photos with your Kamera to provide her with inspiration for her work in exchange for free goodies.

Genshin Impact web events

There’s currently no active Genshin Impact web event. We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as the next one starts!

Genshin Impact events - Test of Courage entrance

Upcoming Genshin Impact events

Marvelous Merchandise rerun

Version 3.2

Liben’s back by popular demand, and he’s got a bunch of boxes full of treats for you to exchange.

Akitsu Kimodameshi

Version 3.3

The ever-well-informed Paimon has caught wind of an exiting new event hosted by the Yashiro Comission called the ‘Test of Courage’. Experience new amusements and win awesome rewards before it’s too late.

Take part to win the event-exclusive sword ‘Toukabou Shigure’, along with its refinement materials, Parasol Talcum. You can also snag a Crown of Insight, plenty of primos, talent level-up materials, and more.


Version 3.3

During this exciting rerun of fan-favourite multiplayer event, Wind Trace, you’re put into teams and split into two sides – the Rebels, and the Hunter. The rerun features new changes to keep the game fresh, including the ability for rebels to still participate, even if they’ve already been caught by the hunter! Take part to earn primos, weapon ascension materials, mora, and more.

Misty Dungeon: Realm of Sand

Version 3.3

In a forbidden place warded by dust and sand, mysterious foes have assembled lines of fortifications to stop you. Build a team to tear down their defences and defeat all the foes in your path to earn primogems, ascension materials, Hero’s Wit, and more.

Leyline Overflow rerun

Version 3.3

A rerun of the popular Leyline Overflow event which allows you to claim double the rewards from Leyline outcrops.

And that’s everything you need to know about the current and upcoming Genshin Impact events. If you’re looking for more open-world fun, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact for something new to play.