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Celebrate Tower of Fantasy’s anniversary in style at Cloudpeak Manor

Tower of Fantasy’s one year anniversary introduces new locations, story elements, and more in a huge update to honor their achievements.

Tower of Fantasy anniversary update: Ming Jing in a brightly lit street

Hey wanderers, guess what – it’s Tower of Fantasy’s one-year anniversary, and we’re all invited to party and celebrate in the game. Tower of Fantasy is a great free mobile game that we suggest you try if you haven’t already.

The latest Tower of Fantasy update is 3.1, titled Midsummer Merriment, and takes us into a new area named Cloudpeak Manor where the festivities are going down. Cloudpeak Manor, once a bustling area, crumbled when the darkness fell. Now, you can explore it and discover all of its animals like the cow-shaped Cyox, and fight brand-new enemies.

It’s also home to the Jade Pavilion Fair which comes as part of a new storyline. It’s filled with shopping opportunities for those who enjoy some retail therapy, and plenty of side missions to tackle (and subsequent rewards, too).

There’s even a new simulacrum to get – Ming Jing. They’re the first visitor of Domain 9 from outside and is now Lord Xuanwu. They use a greatsword and work as security to keep the people safe.

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When does the Tower of Fantasy 3.1 update begin?

The Tower of Fantasy 3.1 expansion starts on August 8, so there’s really not long before we can join our favorite characters for the festivities in Cloudpeak Manor.

If you want to get back into the action, grab the latest Tower of Fantasy codes here, or check out some of the other best mobile games out there.