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Tower of Fantasy map

The Tower of Fantasy map is huge and full of tantalising treasures. If you need help charting this epic, open world MMORPG, check out the ToF interactive map.

The Tower of Fantasy map is a vast, sprawling expanse full of exciting secrets, puzzles, minigames, and challenges, all begging to be discovered. This open world is densely packed, and an absolute treat to explore, especially on the back of your trusty motorbike, but let’s face it – in a big ol’ world like this, it can be pretty easy to get lost. Luckily, there’s a brilliant Tower of Fantasy interactive map that can help you track down exactly what you’re looking for.

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So come along Wanderer, it’s time to acquaint ourselves with the Tower of Fantasy map.

Tower of Fantasy map showing a bear shaped tower and lots of mountains in the distance

Tower of Fantasy interactive maps

The Tower of Fantasy map is full of puzzles, treasures, rewards, and more. It’s a wonderful experience to simply wander around and see what new surprises await, but if you’re on the hunt for something specific, you may want a method that’s a little more reliable than simply hoping you stumble across it.

Of course, the in-game map is great, but there are also some super handy Tower of Fantasy interactive maps available. These allow you to filter and track down anything you’re looking for and even allow you to track your chests, exploration progress, and more.

Here’s the best Tower of Fantasy interactive map:

How do I increase my Tower of Fantasy map exploration progress?

Each area of the Tower of Fantasy map has its own exploration progress bar. At certain milestones, you earn unique rewards, including gold nucleus, SSR relics, mighty mushrooms, unique outfits, and more.

There are multiple ways to earn exploration points and increase your Tower of Fantasy map exploration progress. They are:

  • Collecting supply pods
  • Interacting with scenic points, then claiming them in your Terminal’s ‘Chronicles’ tab
  • Activating space rifts (teleporters)
  • Activating the Omnium Tower
  • Completing ruins
  • Activating ‘world exploration’ objects for the first time. These include anything in the map that offers a nucleus reward, for example interacting with kerosina plants or tar pits, jumping on mushrooms in the right order, throwing water cores into Chowchow plants, etc. Nearby exploration points are always noted on your map with a double, overlapping diamond icon.

That’s everything we’ve got on both the Tower of Fantasy map and the best choices for Tower of Fantasy interactive maps at the moment. For more big, wide worlds to explore, check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact.