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The un-beet-able swede returns to Switch in Turnip Boy Robs A Bank

The Turnip Boy Robs A Bank release date sprouts up in a surprise announcement, and there’s not long before we can turnip for what.

Turnip boy robs a bank release date: a cartoon drawing of Turnip Boy on a Nintendo Switch with wheels

It’s bean a while since we last saw Turnip Boy, but he’s back in another crime-filled adventure – corn you believe it? Catch him if you can with the Turnip Boy Robs A Bank release date below. As you can tell, this is not a farm game, despite the addition of turnips.

Turnip the heat this year when Turnip Boy Robs A Bank releases on Switch – it’s currently listed as ‘coming soon’, but a 2023 window is looking likely. Developer Snoozy Kazoo and publisher Graffiti Games are behind the comedic action-adventure game, a follow-up to Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion that appeased many fans with its loveable protagonist – Turnip Boy – and silly, action-packed story.

So what’s going down in Turnip Boy Robs A Bank? He’s back after evading taxes to harvest a new crop of criminal charges. Alongside the sour Pickle Gang, head into the world of bank robbing by pulling off a tasty heist and steal everything you can find inside the Botanical Bank.

Turnip Boy also needs plenty of equipment while he sets off into this un-chard-ed territory, which you can find by browsing the dark web to purchase strange but helpful tools. These of course compliment whichever collectible and performance-boosting hats you find to wear on your leafy head.

One more thing – for those super fans of Turnip Boy, there’s a limited re-release of the Turnip Boy plush available from July 6. Don’t beet around the bush and get an order in for your own veggie friend.

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