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Type Run guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Learn the best methods to beat your opponents with our Type Run guide

It’s always fun to race against opponents, but Type Run takes it to a different level by adding trivia to the mix. You are given a category and have to type as many answers as you can to move along the track and beat your rivals. Sounds tough, huh? Well, that’s why we’ve created a Type Run guide, offering you tips and tricks to improve your typing and trivia game.

In this Type Run guide, we look at how the game works, and give you some choice advice to improve your game. It may not be easy to succeed in beating all of your opponents, but our tips can at least give you a fighting chance at victory.

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everything in our type run guide:

how to download type Run on ios

If you want to play Type Run for yourself, you can download it on the App Store for free. Unfortunately, it isn’t currently available on Android.

how to play type run

Type Run is a fairly simple game to grasp, but here are the basics of how you play:

  • Type Run is effectively a battle royale typing game, where fast fingers and a quick mind help you win
  • You enter each game with loads of other players, and any who don’t place in the top four of each round are eliminated. The last person standing at the end wins
  • At the start of each round you are given a subject, and you have to type as many words related to that subject as you can, and these move you further along the track. For example, if the subject was ‘ball games’ you might type ‘dodge’ or ‘basket’ or ‘volley’ to move your character
  • Once you type a word, press enter to lock it in
  • If you get a word wrong, you have to go back to the start of that word
  • Type Run is a racing game, so coming up with words and typing them quickly is what guarantees victory

type run tips, tricks, and cheats

Here we round up some helpful tips to improve your skill at Type Run:

  • Long words: the longer the word you come up with, the further you travel along the track, so they are always worth more than shorter ones
  • Only type what’s necessary: if the subject is ball games, you only need to type dodge for it to be counted. If you type dodgeball, it reverts to just dodge when you press enter, so there’s no point wasting your time typing extra letters that don’t benefit you
  • Don’t type straight away: anything that you type before the starting timer ends, doesn’t count, so hold off at first
  • Trivia: Type Run can seem a little unfair, as the rounds often require specific knowledge. If you are determined to beat that, it might be a good idea to brush up on trivia based upon what the game asks you, or just keep Google open so a round doesn’t stall your progress
  • Start typing: it’s easy to be paralysed by indecision when the subject appears, but it’s important to push through that and start typing the first thing that jumps into your head. There’s no point taking ages considering your answer, since getting a word incorrect doesn’t actually cost you anything

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