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We’re slashing all the way in Vampire Survivor’s festive update

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but before that, it’s time for the reign of blood in a new Vampire Survivors update setting us on a festive slay ride.

Vampire Survivors festive update: an angry man wearing a christmas hat with some snow

It’s October, which means that the festive season is nearly here – the scariest season of them all, so you need to start preparing. Thankfully, a new Vampire Survivors festive update can help ease us into the holidays.

Poncle, the team behind the absolute smash-hit Vampire Survivors, released a free update this week filled with frosty fancies including a new stage, characters, music, and more. The update is out now on mobile and is coming to Switch very soon.

The newly added, snow-covered stage called Whiteout debuts alongside a warrior character, She-Moon Eata, for us to play. There’s even a new weapon – Glass Fandango – to equip as you dash through the snow, adding to the long list of Vampire Survivors weapons available to you.

On top of all that, there are six new achievements to earn and some fancy relics that offer up some boosts to your characters while they slay the day away. You can enjoy all of this with a fresh addition to the game’s soundtrack, too.

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It’s all going incredibly well for Poncle – they recently passed 200k positive reviews on Steam, adding to their overwhelmingly positive rating. Vampire Survivors is now the third highest-rated game ever on the platform. Go vamps!

Anyway, before the holidays come around, we’re preparing for the spooky season. We have some recommendations for the best horror games, and a cool feature on why indie horror games are better than triple-A titles.