Vampire Suvivors update chooses chaos on iOS, Android today

There’s a new Vampire Survivors update, bringing a bevy of bonkers game modes to the iOS and Android roguelike that’s taken the mobile game world by storm.

Vampire Survivors update header showing a Dracula-like vampire on a red background with a red glowing moon framing their head.

The latest Vampire Survivors update is out now, bringing various new game modes and features to the mobile game. It’s one of the best roguelike games in recent years, at least for the casual audience, and this latest update looks set to make it even better.

There’s the new Astral Stair level, which looks like the most exciting of the bunch. With flying paintings and a gameshow-style wheel that triggers random events, the Vampire Survivors update is bringing chaos by the bucketload.

That’s not all, however, as there’s also a new character and weapon evolutions. Yatta Carvallo can morph into a new form, evolving their Cherry Bomb ability. Meanwhile, this spinning wheel comes to the new game mode Randomize Minute Events, with a feature for PC players to let a Twitch audience vote on what happens next, which sounds like great fun.

If that wasn’t enough, the GoldFinger pickup is here to add even more. It starts a special event where your character becomes invincible and more powerful for a time. During GoldFinger time, you can defeat enemies to increase your score and bag better prizes. It feels like Vampire Survivors is going full-on bonkers; if it wasn’t already there, it should be now.

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When is the new Vampire Survivors update available?

The new Vampire Survivors update is available now on iOS and Android, as well as Xbox consoles, PC, and Mac. You can check out the announcement trailer above.

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