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Team Visai dishes up the Venba release date during Wholesome Direct

We finally know the Venba release date and we can’t wait to cook up some mouth-watering meals and connect with a new culture through food on Nintendo Switch.

Venba release date: A screenshot from Venba showing Venba and her son and husband sat at a table

Team Visai’s long-awaited is nearly here as the Venba release date is just a few weeks away. Unlike many cooking games that we’ve seen before, Venba uses food to tell the stories of immigrant families and communities in Canada.

The developer revealed the release date as part of the Summer Games Fest 2023 Wholesome Direct, giving fans who have waited since the game’s initial announcement something to look forward to. You play as Venba, an Indian woman who immigrates with her husband and son to Canada in the 1980s, learning more about love, loss, and family through cooking and deciphering ancestral recipes.

Food is the core of this story, mirroring the role that it plays in the real world in tying people to their families and cultures, wherever they are in the world. The recipes in the game are based on real Southern Indian cuisine that the devs learned about when consulting chefs as part of their research.

Other games about immigration have focused on the experiences of the children, so Team Visai wanted to tell the parents’ story with Venba. As well as cooking, you’ll engage in branching conversations with those around you and help your family navigate the day-to-day struggles of an immigrant family in ‘80s Canada.

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When is the Venba release date?

Venba launches on Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles on July 31, 2023. A PC demo is available via Steam as part of Steam Next Fest from June 19 – 26.

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