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It’s time to pillage and plunder as the Vikingard release date is here

The Vikingard release date is here, and it promises to take you on a legendary journey as you discover new locations and lay waste to your enemies

A female Viking aiming with a slingshot and a male Viking holding a happy polar bear

It’s fair to say that the Vikings are fascinating, and many people have an interest in these historical Scandinavian warriors. This is why NetEase is keen to get you to let out your inner Viking with the newly released mobile simulation RPG, Vikingard. As the name of the game suggests, this takes place in the Viking Age, and puts you in the shoes of a tribal heir.

Since the Vikingard release date is here, it’s only right to look at exactly what you can expect from the game. You’re a Viking, but not just any Viking. You’re the heir of the Fharun Tribe, and must prove yourself worthy of being a leader, as you explore the world with your warriors. As any good Viking would, you must pillage and plunder, find treasure, and destroy anyone foolish enough to get in your way.

This is your story. It’s down to you to forge your own path. No matter what happens, you want to become a legend, and we all know that means domination on the battlefield, proudly discovering new locations, and exploring without fear.

Vikingard features some impressive visuals, with the development team opting for a realistic art style that demonstrates the brutal beauty of this time period. Furthermore, each character has a backstory, and a personality to match.

A group of Vikings holding weapons

What is the Vikingard release date?

The Vikingard release date is here, so get out there in the name of Odin, and pillage to your heart’s desire. Lead a life of glory, one that could see you in Valhalla one day.

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