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Live like a jarl in the Vikings: Valhalla mobile game on Netflix

Catch the Bifrost into Vikings: Valhalla, available on Netflix gaming now, and forge your own legendary path as the leader of a formidable clan.

Vikings Valhalla release: four vikings running through a river

Netflix has launched Vikings: Valhalla on mobile platforms, a game based on the hit TV show. If Skyrim and Valheim aren’t enough to satiate your want to be a jarl, then maybe this new strategy game will.

The game comes from developer Emerald Games, and recognized publisher Tilting Point, known for other Netflix games like Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited and Spongebob: Get Cooking – so you know Vikings: Valhalla is in good hands.

In this game, you use real-time strategy to raid and pillage across an immersive campaign, while reaping rewards to use in your own settlement and grow your empire. Townsfolk and other clans are at your disposal to forge helpful alliances with as you also harness the very power of the gods in battle for an explosive edge.

It’s based on the Netflix TV series of the same name, the sequel to the smashing series we all know and love that follows Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. Though Floki and co may not make an appearance here, there are plenty of recognizable Vikings like Leif Erikson and Harald Hardrada as playable characters.

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