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The best Viking games on Switch and mobile

Become a legendary warrior with our list of the best Viking games on Nintendo Switch and mobile - fight with honour and you might end up in Valhalla

Some vikings that feel a type of way

In the name of Odin, stop what you’re doing and pay attention to this here list of Viking games. If you enjoy battle, have no fear, and want to swing a huge sword or battle axe around, perhaps you’re a descendent of a Viking. Also known as one of the most impressive types of warrior to ever walk the earth, and they certainly have an interesting belief system too, thanks to the wonders of Norse mythology.

With all that said, it’s only natural to wonder what the best Viking games are, which is why I took a journey. I went on a long voyage across the perilous ocean to distant lands, all so that I can bring you the best Viking games on Switch and mobile. You’re welcome, and may you fight with honour and reach Valhalla.

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Anyway, it’s time to grab a horn of mead, and kick back with our list of the best Viking games on Switch and mobile.

Viking games

Viking Games Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeBuy it here

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Switch

Wow. What a game. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is one of those games that everyone should experience at least once, if you have the time to do so at least. The game embraces Norse mythology and tackles mental health issues in a splendid way, all while having a strong narrative and equally impressive gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.

Furthermore, the game has a great approach to combat that makes encounters feel smooth, while its puzzles offer a more diverse range of gameplay. It also doesn’t hurt that Senua is a fantastic protagonist – I still patiently await the release of what I’m sure is a stunning, albeit dark, sequel.

Viking Games - Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans – mobile

High ho, high ho, it’s off to war we go. Clans are everything in the world of Vikings. In fact, it’s fair to say that you’re only as strong as those around you. If your fellow Vikings are weak, yet you’re a beast, defeat is still imminent if the opposition has more warriors that can hold their own. Vikings: War of Clans has MMORPG elements that use the clan system to perfection.

You must plunder, pillage, and level up your hero and their troops in order to lead them to victory against those that dare to invade you – by the thunder of Thor, be the jarl that others fear. Of course, as the MMO part indicates, you can invade other players and prove that your clan is the most dominant in these lands.

Viking games SkyrimBuy it here

Skyrim – Switch

You can’t deny the influence that Norse mythology and Vikings have on Skyrim. Thus it has a place on this list. I probably don’t need to sell you on Skyrim, nor do I need to explain what it is, but I’m going to anyway. So, Bethesda’s title is regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time, hence why it’s seen so many releases instead of us being gifted Elder Scrolls 6 – at this point, I think Skyrim is all we’re ever going to have.

Viking games NorthgardBuy it here

Northgard – Switch

For honour, for Valhalla, get out there and be the fearsome Viking that you are. So, in Northgard, you get to choose a clan to fight alongside with, each one with its own strength and weaknesses, so think carefully when you choose who to align yourself with. Northgard also has a story for you to follow, just in case you want more than mindless Viking invasions – usually, I love a good narrative, but I’m more than happy to just bludgeon people with my battle axe.

Viking games Dead in VinlandBuy it here

Dead in Vinland – Switch

Fun fact of the day – did you know Vinland is what the Vikings called the coastal region of North America that they explored? It doesn’t matter if you did or not, but it’s certainly an interesting tidbit. Anyway, Dead in Vinland is a survival management game with a Viking setting. It also features a range of RPG elements, so the choices you make in regard to the Viking family you look after are crucial.

The family finds themselves in a new strange land, and it’s up to you to not only help them survive, but to thrive. This is their life now, and as with any worthy Viking, they must prepare themselves to fight.

Viking games Banner SagaBuy it here

The Banner Saga – Switch and mobile

Now, this is an RPG series that’s worth any role-playing fan’s attention. If you happen to like Vikings as well, that’s just a bonus. In The Banner Saga, every choice you make matters, so if you want to experience everything it has to offer, you must play the game multiple times as some choices can prevent you from experiencing certain events.

You might wonder what it’s got to do with Vikings. Well, it centres on the return of the Dredge, and takes place in a world that takes inspiration from Vikings legends. The Dredge are a humanoid species that despise humans, so get out there and show them that this is your land.

Viking games NiffelheimBuy it here

Niffelheim – Switch and mobile

The name of the game very clearly indicates its connection to Vikings. While the spelling isn’t the same, the events of Niffelheim take place in Niflheim, the realm of the dead in Norse mythology, and it’s run by the goddess Hel (or Hela as she’s sometimes known). In this game, your character has fallen in battle, except he doesn’t find himself in the majestic walls of Valhalla in Asgard – he’s in the cold and dark underworld.

Of course, you don’t want to be stuck here, so what are you going to do? You’re going to grab your battle axe and crush anyone that tries to keep you here. You belong in Valhalla, so make sure you get there.

There you have it, young warriors. Take care on your voyage, and make sure the world knows you as a legend with the best Viking games on Switch and mobile. If you want a different kind of adventure, you can embark on many with our best mobile RPGs and best open-world games lists.