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The Banner Saga meets Final Fantasy Tactics in Ankama’s Waven

Waven is an upcoming tactical RPG from Ankama with time mages, a big watery world, and plenty of ways to flex your battle strategy muscles.

Screenshot of the Waven characters for Waven news detailing the game

A new free-to-play title is coming to mobile and later this year in the form of Waven, a tactical RPG from Ankama, the minds behind Dofus and Wafku. Set in the same universe as previous games, known as the Krosmoz, this tactical RPG is perfect for fans of Final Fantasy Tactics titles, with a whole world full of battles, exploration, and best of the bunch, cats to say hello to.

Set in a flooded world where the last vestiges of humanity are strewn across multiple islands, Waven is a seafaring adventure full of exciting locations to visit and characters to meet. Your role is to explore the islands and find out how the time of dragons and gods came to an end when the planet flooded, with plenty of mysteries in this aquatic land of magic.

Waven’s gorgeous gameplay mixes tactical RPG battles with deck building for intense battles across the multiple floating islands. To make things more interesting, there are six different character classes to choose from, varying from your classic archer to time mages with control over the clock.

In terms of visuals, Waven looks like a mix of Saturday morning cartoons and the stylish design of The Banner Saga, with colourful characters battling across intricately designed 8×8 grids. Each class has its own look, with my personal favourite the Xelor – that’s Rolex backwards! – looking not dissimilar to Final Fantasy IX’s black mages.

Screenshot of a dungeon from Waven for Waven news

As you might expect for a modern-day mobile title, there are multiplayer game modes too. You can defend your island from pillaging pirates in Haven Island mode, or step into the Kolossium to take on online opponents and prove who is the mightiest of them all. Either way, you’re going to need to make sure you’re tough enough for the battle ahead by exploring a little first.

The good news for mobile and PC gamers is that Waven is a seamless crossplay title, with the ability to easily jump between devices while staying on the same account. This means you can set up to quest in your room desktop-style or take on mini challenges on the train ride of work with your mobile, whichever way you want to play.

Waven release date speculation

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact Waven release date at the time of writing, but we know it’s coming in late 2023. Until then, you can check out the trailer or keep up with the latest by signing up for the Waven newsletter.

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