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What is the newest iPhone?

Apple is releasing a new range of its famous handsets - this time, the iPhone 14 in five gorgeous vibrant colours and two different sizes

What is the newest iPhone - a black, white, red iPhone 14 flying towards the screen

Since the first-generation iPhone from the days of yore… okay, 2007… there’s been a brand-new iPhone handset released annually. As each year goes by though, new iterations of the iconic handsets have also been released such as the more affordable and less jazzy iPhone SE, or for bigger hands, the iPhone Pro Max, or for smaller hands, the iPhone 13 Mini. Yes, there’s been a lot of iPhones so far and the tech giant isn’t letting up any time soon. Next up – the iPhone 14.

So, what is the newest iPhone we hear you ask? With every new release, the rumour mill is rampant with speculation and leaks. There’s so much of it that it’s always important to sift through and figure out which of these rumours is a reality. And that’s why we’ve compiled all the best bits into this guide. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 14 line-up.

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What is the Apple iPhone 14 release date?

Thanks to the September Apple event, we know that the iPhone 14 is available on September 16, and you can pick up the iPhone 14 Plus on October 7. Meanwhile, both versions of the iPhone 14 Pro are available from September 16.

You can pre-order both devices from the official Apple site right now.

What are the Apple iPhone 14 features?

The new Apple iPhone 14 is a modest upgrade from the previous generation. There are still some key new features, alongside the option of the larger iPhone 14 Plus model.

Some of the key features are:

  • Crash detection
  • Satellite calling
  • New thermal design
  • Improved camera
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There are, of course, many more exciting features on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. These new features include:

  • Dramatic camera improvements (double the megapixels!)
  • New A16 Bionic chip
  • Dynamic Island (more on that below)
  • Always-on display

While the iPhone 14’s upgrades are a little modest, the iPhone 14 Pro looks to take a reasonable step forward, even if it isn’t revolutionary.

Is the Apple iPhone 14 design new?

The new Apple iPhone 14’s design is completely unchanged by the looks of things. There are a good number of improvements within the body, but, other than the new colours, it still looks unchanged from the iPhone 13.

Bigger differences can be found with the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, which now features a new design on the front, thanks to the notch being replaced with a pill design, which Apple are, slightly ridiculously, calling the Dynamic Island.

Even with its silly name, the Dynamic Island is an exciting bit of software invention paired with the new hardware design. It fuses the new camera cutout with various notifications and other features to make it seem almost invisible, which is cool. You can check it out in action below.

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While that’s the headline design announcement for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, there are still other changes. The new camera system protrudes more than the previous iteration, though it seems to take up the same amount of space on the back. There’s also a new deep purple colour available.

What is the Apple iPhone 14 price?

A big question for anyone considering purchasing one of the new iPhone 14 models is, how much is it going to cost me? Well, here’s the answer:

  • You can get the iPhone 14 from £849/$799 and the iPhone 13 from £749/$699.
  • You can get the iPhone 14 Pro from £1,099/$999. The iPhone 13 Pro is no longer available.

That’s everything we know about the newest iPhone 14. If you’d rather grab an Android phone, check out our Samsung flip phone price guide.