How to delete apps on iPhone

There’s only so much space on your phone, and that’s why it’s important to know how to delete apps on iPhone, then you can download new ones

There are millions of mobile apps and games out there, yet there’s only so much space available on your device. Sure, it’s okay to clutter your phone for a while, that’s until you get the dreaded message that tells you that you’re out of space, and now you need to delete some of your apps. It’s difficult to decide what to get rid of, we know, because yeah, you’ve not opened that app in two years, but what if you need it next week?

Anyway, we’re here to tell you how to delete apps on iPhone for when you do have to bite the bullet and delete apps you no longer use. Luckily, it’s a fairly quick and painless process (except for your internal struggle about whether you really should remove this clutter) that we take you through step by step.

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Without further ado, here’s how to delete apps on iPhone.

A screenshot of the remove app option on iPhone

How to delete apps on iPhone

Deleting apps is very simple and equally as quick to do:

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Scroll through your home pages until you find the app you want to delete
  • Hold down on it for a few seconds
  • A small menu will pop up
  • Select remove app
  • Hey presto, the app is gone!

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