Cozy Grove 2 release date speculation

Here’s what we know about the Cozy Grove 2 release date as Spry Fox is works on a bear-y good sequel to the cozy island adventure.

Cozy Grove 2 release date: artwork showing a human and bear character surrounded by ducks

We’re impatiently awaiting the Cozy Grove 2 release date, marking a follow-up to Spry Fox’s lovely little game packed with activities and friends. In a blog post back in June 2022, Spry Fox confirmed that it’s working on Cozy Grove 2. While details are still sparse, it looks like it won’t be long until we can set off on a new adventure.

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What is Cozy Grove 2?

Cozy Grove 2 – as the name suggests – is a sequel to the adorable Cozy Grove, a game filled with bears to befriend, collectibles to forage for, and your very own campground to decorate.

According to the developer, a sequel to Cozy Grove “will give us a chance to take the large amount of time that we need to address the remaining major technical issues that make expanding Cozy Grove too difficult”. This means the team can add a whole swathe of newness to build on Cozy Grove’s story.

There are also plenty of new ghost bears to help out in different environments, along with your sentient campfire Flamey who is back to assist you again. The developer is going to add other features too, though we need to wait for some more information on them.

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What platforms is Cozy Grove 2 coming to?

Though Spry Fox hasn’t confirmed any platforms yet, we assume that Cozy Grove 2 will come to Switch, iOS, and Android as its predecessor fits perfectly on those platforms. We also think it’s likely to come to PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

Cozy Grove 2 release date speculation

The Cozy Grove 2 release date is set for spring 2024, as stated in this tweet from the official Cozy Grove Twitter. Originally, Spry Fox expressed hopes to get it done by the end of 2023, but it clearly wasn’t ready in time.

Is there a Cozy Grove 2 trailer?

We currently don’t have any trailers for Cozy Grove 2. However,  you can keep an eye on the Cozy Grove Twitter account to catch a couple of glimpses of art here and there.

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