The best bear games 2024

Bear games are great for people who want to experience life as one of nature’s fiercest predators, or those of us who just want to hibernate the winter away.

Bear games: Hank the bear from Bear and Breakfast smiling widely with his paws in front of him, pasted on to a blurred background of Super Bear Adventure and outlined in white.

We’re beary excited to bring you our list of the best bear games on Nintendo Switch and mobile for you to get your sticky paws on. Whether you’re looking for cozy forest life or action-packed platforming, there’s something for everyone in this selection, from the smallest cub to the elders of the pack.

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Now let’s take a look at the best bear games for Switch and mobile.

Bear games: The Super Bear Adventure logo pasted on top of a screenshot from the game.

Super Bear Adventure – mobile

Personally, I think Super Bear Adventure looks a lot like some of the old Spyro games, which makes sense seeing as it’s inspired by late 90s 3D platformers.

Play as a blocky brown bear and explore six open-world levels to collect coins, unlock hats, and free your friends. If you’re looking for more nostalgia, check out our lists of Crash Bandicoot games and Sonic games.

Bear games: A screenshot of the character creation and inventory screen from Bear and Breakfast.

Bear and Breakfast – Switch

Have you ever dreamt of running a bed and breakfast with your friends? Have you ever dreamt of doing it as a bear? In Bear and Breakfast, you play as Hank the bear who, along with his friends, sets up a B+B in the woods to make some extra cash. This resource management sim is filled with interesting characters and plenty of hidden lore to get your paws on.

Check out our Bear and Breakfast Switch review for a more detailed look at the gameplay.

Bear games: Two screenshots from Rilakkuma Farm showing the different farm plots and decorations.

Rilakkuma Farm – mobile

Join Rilakkuma and his adorable friends Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori as they work on a farm to grow the tastiest treats around! Fulfill orders for your neighbors and taste-test your creations.

This game is super simple and calming to play when you have a few minutes spare, and you can decorate your farm to suit your tastes. I mean, who doesn’t love a farm game?

Bear games: A screenshot from the We Bare Bears mobiler game showing Grizzly standing on top of Pandda, and Ice Bear jumping towards a human and NomNom the koala.

We Bare Bears: Quest for NomNom – mobile

Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear are on your phone! These loveable bear brothers from Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears need your help to teach NomNom the koala a lesson for kicking them out of his limo.

Play as your favorite member of the trio for some platforming fun. We love all three of these adorable bear friends!

Bear games: A screenshot from Bear's Restaurant showing the restaurant's interior.

Bear’s Restaurant – Switch and mobile

Whoever said games about bears couldn’t be wholesome and heartwarming? Bear’s Restaurant is a touching exploration of the end of life played through the eyes of a cat working in the afterlife’s best restaurant.

You and the bear chef must figure out the perfect final meal for each of your newly deceased customers so that they can rest easy for eternity. This one’s sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Bear games: The logo for Epic Dumpster Bear 2.

Epic Dumpster Bear 2 – Switch

A sequel to the cult classic Epic Dumpster Bear, this game is an action-packed platformer featuring the titular bin-dwelling bear. This title is another great throwback pick as it’s based on 16-bit games from the past but with the exceptional performance of today’s games.

Boss battles, speedrun medals, and secret medals await in this platforming adventure.

Bear games: A screenshot of LumbearJack showing Jack the bear and his axe.

LumbearJack – Switch

I can only imagine how angry our animal friends are about how humans are destroying their habitats. I mean, some of us humans are angry about it too!

LumbearJack puts you in the position of one such animal, Jack the bear, as he uses his trusty axe to destroy human industrial sites and restore them to their natural state for him and his friends.

Bear games: The cover art for Bear Bakery.

Bear Bakery – mobile

If you’re looking for a super calming mobile game with bears, Bear Bakery might be the paw-fect pick for you. Use merging mechanics to make hundreds of different baked goods and buy furniture to decorate a wellness room for your loyal employees.

Warning – this game might make you hungry with its beautiful anime-style baked goods.

Bear games: Ben from Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero – mobile

One of our favorite Zenless Zone Zero characters is Ben Bigger, the math-obsessed bear from Belobog Industries. As of the second closed beta, Zenless Zone Zero’s Ben is the only playable bear, but we’ve seen other big, fluffy NPCs so we hope this is the beginning of a trend!

Zenless Zone Zero is a fantasy action game from the creators of Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Impact 3rd, so you know you’re in good hands with this one.

That’s everything for our list of the best bear games. If you need a change from these grizzly guys, check out our lists of the best Barbie games, Lego games, and Sonic games next.