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War of the Visions tier list - the best UR units

Our War of the Visions tier list will help you choose the best units

Three heroes looking toward the camera

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a tactical RPG that draws inspiration from the Final Fantasy Tactics series. It features 3D, grid-based combat and includes a huge roster of characters to choose from, including some familiar faces from other popular Final Fantasy titles.

How each of the units in War of the Visions ranks is a hotly debated topic, and how you use each character can greatly affect their performance. Our War of the Visions tier list ranks every UR unit currently available in the global version of the game and provides instructions on how to reroll if you don’t get the units you need from the get-go.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get into our War of the Visions tier list.

A hero on a horse

War of the Visions UR unit tier list

Tier Unit
S 2B, 9S, Auron, Ayaka, Duane, Garvall, Gilgamesh, Helena, Kain, Mont, Sakura, Salire, Tidus, Vinera Fennes, Yuna
A Agrias, Frederika, Glaciela, Howlet, Ildyra, Lasswell, Little Leela, Machérie Hourne, Mediena, Niv’Lu, Rain, Warrior of Light, Xiza
B Cidolfus Orlandeau, Elsirelle, Kilphe, Kitone, Lilyth, Lu’Cia, Rairyuu, Ramza, Rhaldor, Robb Hourne, Sterne Leonis, Viktora, Whisper, Yerma
C Aileen, Cecil, Delita, Engelbert, Fryevia, Miranda, Rosa
D Skahal, Thancred

coming soon

An event that includes Aerith, Barret, Cloud, and Tifa is coming soon. We will add them to our tier list as soon as we have a chance to try them out.

How to reroll in War of the Visions

Rerolling in War of the Visions can be a slightly tedious process, which is why we’ve created a handy guide to walk you through the steps.

  • Complete the tutorial
  • Perform the initial ten summons
  • Collect the rewards for extra Visoire
  • Summon some more!
  • If you don’t get the units you want, simply delete your account and repeat the steps above until you receive a good team

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