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AFK Arena Glacial Calamity

Prepare for the latest Voyage of Wonders with our AFK Arena Glacial Calamity guide listing all the rewards you can find on your journey through the snow.

AFK Arena Glacial Calamity: Olgarth's character portrait outlined in white and pasted over a blurred picture of the Glacial Calamity map.

Winter isn’t over just yet in the real world or in AFK Arena as the most recent update adds a new icy AFK Arena Voyage of Wonders. Our AFK Arena Glacial Calamity guide helps you on your journey to claim free rewards in the snowy tundra without getting frostbite.

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AFK Arena Voyage of Wonders Glacial Calamity map

You can see the new map for Glacial Calamity in this video:

YouTube Thumbnail

Also, Reddit user footballartist shared an image of the map for the Glacial Calamity Voyage of Wonders. The numbers show the locations of the various puzzles and lore drops along the way to the crystal chest at the end.

What are the AFK Arena Glacial Calamity rewards?

The main reward for completing the Glacial Calamity event is 5,000 diamonds. Other rewards include:

  • 3,000 Poe coins
  • Ten Emblem Choice chests
  • 20 Amplifying emblems
  • 20 Primordial emblems
  • Chests

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