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AFK Arena Merchant’s Adventures - A Prosperous Quest

Find out about all the rewards you can gain from AFK Arena’s Merchant’s Adventures event, including new heroes, free character skins, and loads of diamonds.

AFK Arena Merchants Adventures Fortune Firecrackers: Three characters from AFK Arena, Rowan, Mulan, and Wu Kong, outlined in white and layered over slightly blurred key art for A Prosperous Quest.

AFK Arena’s Merchant’s Adventures has loads of great themed activities to help you and your team celebrate the Lunar New Year, whilst earning some cash. Look around the markets of Harmony City, meet new people, and set off AFK Arena Fortune Firecrackers to have an explosive start to the new year.

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What is AFK Arena Merchant’s Adventures?

Merchant’s Adventures is a special event held in AFK Arena, following a different theme each time. This event’s theme is ‘A Prosperous Quest’, and the story follows Lightbearer hero Rowan as he explores the markets of Harmony City and the business opportunities that lay there. 

The main aim of this event is for players to accumulate wealth by following Rowan on his adventures in Harmony City. At the end of the event, rewards will be given based on how much wealth you acquire. 

AFK Arena Merchants Adventures: Key art for Wu Kong's new skin, available in the new Prosperous Quest event.

Players can explore the new event map, trade for local items in Bustling Trade, complete quests set by the Commerce Chamber, and get ranked on the Rich List. You can also obtain Wu Kong’s new skin, ‘Lord of the Mountains’, for free during the event.

When is AFK Arena Merchant’s Adventures available?

This Merchant’s Adventures event, like most AFK Arena events, is only available for a limited time. The event starts on January 4, and ends on January 17.

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AFK Arena Merchant’s Adventures Flowing Dreams

As part of this event, AFK Arena welcomes a new hero called Mulan, The Iron Magnolia. Selecting ‘Flowing Dreams’ from the Prosperous Quest menu will take you to view Mulan’s trailer. You only need to watch 60 seconds of the trailer to redeem 2000 diamonds in-game.

What are AFK Arena Fortune Firecrackers?

Fortune Firecrackers appear as part of the Bringer of Blessings boss challenge. Players must set off Fortune Firecrackers by attacking them to gain rewards. The more Fortune Firecrackers you set off, the greater your rewards.

AFK Arena Fortune Firecrackers: A screenshot of the Fortune Firecracker art, featuring the two statues that attack the player during combat.

At the end of each phase of the boss challenge, you will earn silver coins based on how well you did. These can be traded for other rewards in the Bustling Trade portion of the event.

There you have it, everything you need to know about AFK Arena’s Merchant’s Adventures event. If you fancy picking up a new gacha game, check out our Eversoul tier list and Eversoul codes.