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Fan favourite characters arrive in AFK Arena’s Re:Zero collaboration

The AFK Arena’s Re:Zero collab event introduces the demon maid Rem and spiritual arts user Emilia to Esperia, continuing Lilith's impressive crossover record.

A zoomed-in official graphic for the AFK Arena Re Zero collaboration showing Rem and Emilia in their AFK Arena style.

As if this past month in Esperia hadn’t been exciting enough with AFK Arena’s 4th anniversary celebrations, two brand new crossover characters have joined the roster as part of the AFK Arena Re:Zero collaboration. Fan favourites Rem and Emilia are reimagined in AFK Arena’s style and are ready to join your team.

Spiritual Arts User Emilia and her pet cat Puck are an ice support unit that deals continuous ice damage to enemies and can use AoE healing to keep the team alive. Emilia’s signature skill also lets her teammates recover energy by attacking frozen enemies. The Demon Maid AFK Arena’s Rem also has healing capabilities, but she can deal more damage to enemies based on how many teammates have died during the battle.

AFK Arena’s crossover events have previously brought game characters like Geralt of Rivia and Ezio to Esperia, and even real world historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci. Some Re:Zero fans are sad that Rem’s partner in crime, Ram, hasn’t made an appearance, but maybe she’s just a little late to the party.

If you want more of the Demon Maid, you can claim a free Rem tavern skin between April 12 and June 10 from the Limited Dimensional Offers menu. Switch Dolly out for Rem in the Noble Tavern to swap those tankards for a pot of tea.

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There’s still plenty of exciting events to look forward to as part of AFK Arena’s 4th anniversary including a special livestream with giveaways, and a behind the scenes video on the official YouTube channel.

That’s everything we have on the AFK Arena Re:Zero crossover. If you need some help grinding for materials, check out our guides to AFK Arena’s Maetria or AFK Arena Lost in Reverie. We also have a list of AFK Arena codes for you to redeem.