Animal Island is basically Animal Crossing within Roblox

Get a taste of Island life in this simulation title

An island beach with an ocean view, and a town filled with roads and trees in the background

Animal Island is an upcoming Roblox RPG that challenges you to make a new home on your very own island. But, of course, you’re not alone. The island is home to a number of furry animals that you can befriend as you explore, earn rewards, and collect materials. Your survival comes down to building a home, and growing crops – a roof over your head and sustenance, what more do you need?

As is to be expected from a Roblox game, you can play Animal Island with your friends. You can take part in quests together, and even trade your loveable pets – though I’m not sure why you would. Furry friends are for life.

Yes, it sounds like Animal Crossing, doesn’t it? Creators Wendy Ayche – AKA Wengie and Max Fu of Rude Robot Studios – clearly drew inspiration from Nintendo’s anthropomorphic life sim. So, if you are a fan of Nintendo’s Island life series and Roblox, Animal Island is a must play.

“Max and I are both gamers with our own gaming channels, so launching our own game was a definite dream of ours,” Wengie explains. “Our goal for Animal Island was to create a game where players could seek adventure and roleplay in a fun and safe environment.”

a character and their pet dog fishing on the pier

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