Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes February 2024

If you need Roblox Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes then we have you covered. No need to jump around looking for codes, as our forces have them all.

Aniverse Battlegrounds codes: key art for the Roblox game Aniverse Battlegrounds shows two anime characters ready for battle

Our Roblox Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes (formerly Aniverse Battlegrounds codes) guide is ready to help you in your battles against the forces of evil. Take on the identity of many powerful anime characters, and pummel your pals with incredible moves that would make Goku jealous. Be the envy of all your friends and gain power levels well over 9,000 with these epic freebies.

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Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes

Active codes:

  • !code Shiftlock 
  • !code NameChange 
  • !code UiReworks!! 
  • !code Ulquiorra 
  • !code 13kLikes 
  • !code SORRYCONSOLEFIXED – $500
  • !code Jotaro – $200
  • !code Chirstmas – $200
  • !code NewYears – $250
  • !code SorryHadVacation – $300
  • !code 12kLikes – $400
  • !code CombatRework – $350
  • !code GokuRework – $300
  • !code Gladiator – $200
  • !code 11kLikes – $500
  • !code Reaper – $400 and five candy
  • !code 10kLikes – $600
  • !code Halloween – $400 and ten candy
  • !code Doflamingo – $600 and four candy
  • !code SorryHadExams – $300 and one candy
  • !code Transfer – $600
  • !code 9kLikes – $500
  • !code CodeMenu – $100
  • !code 6kLikes – $400
  • !code 1MVisits – $400
  • !code SorryShutdown – $400
  • !code 5kLikes – $400
  • !code Changes – $400
  • !code 4kLikes – $400
  • !code 3kLikes – $300
  • !code Evasives – $300
  • !code 2kLikes – $300

Expired codes:

  • !code 7kLikes
  • !code Ippo
  • !code 8kLikes
  • !code IppoBuff
  • !code Emotes
  • !code SorryForShutdown
  • !code 1.5kLikes
  • !code 1KLikes
  • !code FirstCode
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What are Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes?

Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes, formerly Aniverse Battlegrounds codes, are a specific set of numbers and letters you can input into the Roblox game to unlock exclusive rewards, boosts, and bonuses. Think of it like your gameplay getting a magical power-up, like Luffy eating a Devil Fruit.

The developer releases codes to coincide with events, updates, and holidays, but you don’t need to check constantly. Simply bookmark this page as we do all the work for you, with our team checking regularly and updating this page with every new code.

How do I redeem Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes?

It’s easy to redeem Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open up Roblox
  • Fire up Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds
  • Open up the chat
  • Copy a code from our guide
  • Input it into the text box
  • Hit enter to redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

That’s all we have for our Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds codes guide right now, folks. However, keep up to date with all the latest and greatest Roblox updates with our full Roblox promo codes guide as well. Give it a cheeky bookmark to beat all your friends to the punch.