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Another Eden tier list - top heroes under each attack type

Our Another Eden tier list helps you pick the best heroes from each attack type, so you can blast through this hit gacha RPG with the most OP teams

Another Eden characters, Cyrus, Dunarith and Felmina

Another Eden is a massively popular RPG that takes you on a whirlwind adventure through time. With a huge variety of characters and possible team compositions, the turn-based battles really open up, allowing you to play the field how you want. But who are the best characters to help you power through? Well that’s where we come in!

After putting in plenty of time and research, we have created this Another Eden tier list to show you some of the best heroes under each attack type. Keep in mind that, due to the flexibility of Another Eden, there is no definitive answer to the question of what is the strongest team composition, as not only do different characters compliment each other, they are also affected by specific zones and buffs – so just because a character has not ranked highly on our list, does not mean they are useless. However, by scouring statistics and spending time with the characters ourselves, we’ve come up with what we believe to be the most comprehensive overall list.

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Now, at last, here is our Another Eden tier list!

 Another Eden tier lists

Another Eden character, Cyrus

Another Eden slash tier list

Tier: Another Eden character:
SS Otoha (Another Style), Isuka Alter, Melissa, Suzette Alter, Isuka (Extra Style), Necoco, Thillelille (Another Style)
S Victor (Another Style), Kikyo (Another Style), Miyu (Another Style), Thillelille, Kid, Serge, Shigure (Another Style), Aldo, Akane (Another Style), Ilulu, Isuka (Another Style), Shion, Curio, Ilulu (Another Style), Radius, Cyrus, Zeviro (Another Style)
A Cress, Violet, Heena, Philo, Renri, Tsukiha (Another Style), Victor, Velvet, Anabel (Another Style), Renri (Another Style), Nikeh (Another Style)
B Yuri, Elga, Deirdre, Milla, Anabel, Shannon (Another Style), Sophia, Cynthia, Shanie (Another Style), Nagi (Another Style), Shion (Another Style), Shannon, Shanie, Kikyo, Guildna
C Tsukiha, Azami, Elga (Another Style), Ruina (Another Style), Shigure, Zeviro, Morgana, Nagi, Isuka, Joker, Miyu
D Ruina, Breeno, Nikeh, Akane, Miranda, Otoha, Zilva, Denny, Cyuca, Yio, Yazuki, Benedict, Myron

Another Eden character, Claude

Another Eden pierce tier list

Tier: Another Eden character:
SS Pizzica, Mistrare (Another Style), Tsukiha (Extra Style), Garambarrel, Suzette
S Hismena (Another Style), Milsha, Hozuki (Another Style), Foran (Another Style), Sheila (Another Style), Ciel (Another Style), Hismena, Suzette (Another Style), Yukino, Mistrare, Mana, Laclair (Another Style)
A Tiramisu, Tiramisu (Another Style), Claude (Another Style), Ewella, Betrand (Another Style), Hozuki
B Premaya, Jade, Claude, Bertrand, Laclair
C Cetie (Another Style), Altena, Cetie, Bria, Ciel
D Galliard, Soira, Sheila, Lovinia, Parisa, Nomar, Komachi, Rovella, Foran, Darunis

Another Eden character, Felmina

Another Eden blunt tier list

Tier: Another Eden character:
SS Dewey Alter, Tsubame (Another Style), Suzette (Extra Style) Daisy, Hardy (Another Style), Myunfa (Another Style)
S Ewan (Another Style), Prai, Melina (Extra Style), Melina (Another Style), Felmina
A Yipha, Hardy, Myunfa, Dewey
B May, Skull, Cerrine, Ewan, Amy, Riica
C Felmina (Another Style), Biaka, Lovely, Tsubame, Melina, Lokido, Lokido (Another Style)
D Nopaew, Nero, Good Macky, Samora, Lingli, Rufus

Another Eden character, Dunarith

Another Eden Magic Tier List

Tier: Another Eden character:
SS Eva, Mayu, Nagi (Extra Style), Chiyo (Another Style), Flammelapis
S Rosetta (Another Style), Clarte (Another Style), Dunarith (Another Style), Harle, Radica (Another Style), Myrus (Another Style), Melody, Veina (Another Style), Yuna (Another Style), Mighty
A Toova (Another Style), Levia (Another Style), Radica, Yuna, Mariel, Gariyu (Another Style), Rosetta
B Gariyu, Myrus, Dunarith, Bivette, Feinne, Toova, Mighty (Another Style)
C Clarte, Mariel (Another Style), Saki (Another Style), Veina, Levia, Helena
D Erina, Pom, Krervo, Saki, Chiyo, Nonold, Raven, Lele, Sevyn

How to Reroll in Another Eden

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to reroll in Another Eden, but it is possible. As long as you have not linked the game to your Facebook account, you can delete the game and start from scratch, but, of course, this will wipe all progress and you will have to start fresh, gathering all the crystals you need to buy a new team. Plus, you will have to wait for the game to re-install again! But the free units you get from the game are pretty solid, and you can always play around with team compositions to see what suits your units the best.

If you want to join the fun, head over to the App Store or Google Play to join for free!