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Dragalia Lost tier list - every character ranked

Find out which adventurer is best with help from our Dragalia Lost tier list

Three adventurers surrounded by light

Dragalia Lost is a gorgeous action RPG with gacha elements, cool characters, and dragons that are not only incredibly powerful but also really rather adorable. If you have been on the lookout for a mobile game with a deep story and vibrant world, this is the title for you.

As you would expect from a gacha game, its roster of characters is pretty big. So, we’ve created a Dragalia Lost tier list to help you decide which characters you should use. If you’re brand new to the game and have received a few D-rank characters, you can also find instructions on how to reroll below.

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Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty stuff.

Dragalia Lost tier list

A girl surrounded by flame

Dragalia Lost fire tier list

Tier Dragalia Lost character
S Ezelith, Gala Leonidas, Gala Mym, Halloween Lowen, Marth
A Armored Yachiyo, Emma, Euden, Gala Laxi, Halloween Mym, Mikoto, Naveed, Nobunaga, Panther, Seimei, Valentine’s Hildegarde, Yukata Cassandra
B Chelsea, Chrom, Faris, Karl, Kimono Elisanne, Nadine, Ramona, Rena, Serena, Student Maribelle, Verica, Xania
C Alain, Aoi, Gala Sarisse, Hunter Berserker, Incognito Nefaria, Joe, Kuzunoha, Laxi, Lea, Mega Man, Renelle, Sinoa, Valentine’s Ezelith, Valentine’s Orion, Vanessa, Xuan Zang, Yuya
D Aurien, Marty, Melsa, Yue

A girl with an eye patch sitting on a canon

Dragalia Lost water tier list

Tier Dragalia Lost character
S Gala Elisanne, Karina, Lapis, Mitsuba, Summer Celliera, Xander
A Elisanne, Humanoid Mercury, Hunter Sarisse, Jiang Ziya, Laranoa, Lazry, Lily, Pipple, Tiki, Xainfried, Yoshitsune
B Catherine, Eugene, Finni, Fjorm, Halloween Akasha, Nurse Aeleen, Orsem, Pinon, Summer Julietta, Valerio, Yurius
C Celliera, Dragonyule Cleo, Dragonyule Xander, Forager Cleo, Gauld, Halloween Odetta, Jakob, Jurota, Luther, Renee, Rex, Ricardt, Summer Estelle, Thaniel, Zardin
D Cibella, Dragonyule Nefaria, Pietro, Waike

A boy holding a staff

Tier Dragalia Lost character
S Gala Leif, Humanoid Midgardsormr, Lowen
A Akasha, Dragonyule Xainfried, Formal Noelle, Gala Notte, Gala Ranzal, Grimnir, Hawk, Kimono Luca, Lin You, Mona, Noelle, Saiga, Sylas, Templar Hope, Tobias, Wedding Elisanne
B Chelsea, Forager Mitsuba, Formal Joachim, Halloween Melsa, Kirsty, Louise, Maribelle, Meene, Melody, Ranzal, Su Fang, Summer Norwin, Summer Sinoa, Valentines Melody, Victor, Wedding Aoi, Wedding Xania
C Addis, Joachim, Ku Hai, Musashi, Myriam, Summer Amane
D Aeleen, Eleonora, Francesca, Johanna, Nicolas, Philia, Pia, Sophie

A man with a sword surrounded by light

Dragalia Lost light tier list

Tier Dragalia Lost character
S Gala Luca, Gala Prince, Gala Zena, Ilia, Mitsuhide, Pecorine, Peony, Ryszarda
A Albert, Alfonse, Chitose, Dragonyule Malora, Halloween Elisanne, Hunter Vanessa, Lucretia, Sophia, Yukata Curran, Zhu Bajie
B Amane, Annelie, Eirene, Fleur, Hildegarde, Julieta, Radiant Xuan Zang, Sha Wujing, Sharena, Sharpshooter Joe, Summer Cleo, Summer Luca, Xiao Lei, Yachiyo
C Beautician Zardin, Fritz, Halloween Althemia, Halloween Edward, Hanabusa, Luca, Mordecai, Odetta, Ryozen, Summer Mikoto, Vixel, Wu Kong
D Elias, Estelle, Felicia, Hope, Irfan, Linus, Malka, Malora, Raemond, Rawn

A girl with a cape holding a polearm

Dragalia Lost shadow tier list

Tier Dragalia Lost character
S Alberius, Bellina, Gala Alex, Gala Chelle, Grace, Patia, Veronica
A Cleo, Curran, Delphi, Forte, Gala Cleo, Joker, Lathna, Natalie, Summer Patia
B Aldred, Althemia, Audric, Botan, Dragonyule Victor, Heinwald, Ieyasu, Kleimann, Linnea, Nefaria, Rodrigo, Summer Verica, Valentine’s Addis, Vania, Vice, Yaten, Zena
C Alex, Berserker, Cassandra, Chelle, Durant, Erik, Nevin, Opera Karina, Orion, Sazanka, Taro
D Edward, Norwin, Vida, Zace


If you aren’t pleased with the characters you’ve obtained, follow the instructions below to try again.

  • When you first start the game, do not link your Nintendo account!
  • Complete the prologue
  • Perform the free summon
  • Head over to the quest tab
  • Perform another tenfold summon on the Summon Showcase

If you don’t receive the character you want, the following steps depend on what device you’re using.

Android users

  • Go to your home screen and hold down on the Dragalia Lost icon
  • Press app info
  • Click storage, then clear data
  • Head back into the game and repeat the steps above

iOS users

  • Delete the Dragalia Lost app
  • Install the Dragalia Lost app
  • Complete the above steps

There you have it – that’s where every adventurer in Dragalia Lost ranks. For more reading, peruse our list of the best mobile multiplayer games on iOS and Android.