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Squad up, rank up, and kick butt with Apex Legends Mobile legend perks

This weekend, you can enjoy a limited-time ranked mode in Apex Legends Mobile, known as Apex Legends Mobile active legend perks - now get out there, soldier

Multiple characters dressed in colourful military gear skydive in Apex Legends Mobile.

It’s Friday again, which means it’s nearly time for the weekend, but as all you Apex Legends Mobile soldiers out there know, there’s no rest for the wicked on the battlefield, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the odd weekend treat from time to time.

This weekend, you can use Apex Legends Mobile active legend perks, a limited-time mode for ranked matches, and as the name indicates, it gives you and your teammates the opportunity to use some unique perks in a bid to turn the tide of battle in your favour. Of course, this also means that your enemies have access to the same gifts, so you’d best prepare yourself for an intense fight.

Given the game mode is only available for a limited time, you’d best jump straight in and be sure to voice your opinion about it in a way that can reach the dev team, as they’re keen to make more improvements following the various Apex Legends Mobile performance issues. Though, as ever, be respectful if you do choose to provide feedback.

How long is the Apex Legends Mobile active legend perks mod available for?

You can get your hands on these perks today, July 22, and can make the most out of the mode all weekend, as it ends on July 24.

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