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Apex Legends Mobile ranks - what are they and how to rank up

Claw your way up to the very top, and get a little something for your effort, with our guide to Apex Legends Mobile ranks and seasonal ranked rewards

Key art of Apex Legends Mobile characters fighting for Apex Legends Mobile rank guide

To pick apart the wheat from the chaff, almost all competitive online titles have ranks to determine who plays who, and Apex Legends Mobile ranks are no different. Whether you’re a first-class Caustic holding it down in master rank, or a baby Bloodhound trying to bounce out of bronze, first you need to get your head around how the system works

And that’s exactly where we come in, with our Apex Legends Mobile ranks guide, ready to give you the lowdown on what ranks are exactly, and how you can get yourself in a higher one. Of course, the higher you rise, the more of a challenge you face, and the better Apex Legends Mobile rank rewards you receive, so if you want to take on the best of the best in this high-octane battler, you need to learn how to boost your ranked points as quickly as possible. 

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What are the Apex Legends Mobile ranks? 

The Apex Legends Mobile ranks are as follows. 

Rank  Required RP
Bronze Original rank
Silver 1,200 RP 
Gold 2,800 RP
Platinum 4,800 RP
Diamond  7,200 RP
Master 10,000 RP
Apex predator Only the top 750 players are included in this exclusive rank

As you can see, all players begin at bronze rank before being given the opportunity to climb the ladder. To enter a match at each ranking, you have to give up the amount of RP required, for example, 1,200 to play in a silver rank match. If you win, you get back more RP than you put in, but if you lose, you might not get anything at all. 

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What is Apex Legends Mobile RP? 

RP in Apex Legends Mobile stands for ranked points, which you need to earn plenty of to catapult yourself through the ranks. As to be expected, you can gain Apex Legends Mobile RP by winning matches, but as we said before, there’s more at stake when it comes to Apex’s rank system, and you can quickly see yourself flying down the tiers if you’re not careful. It might be worth it though, for the high-rank end of season rewards. 

What are the Apex Legends Mobile rank rewards?

The rank rewards for the current season of Apex Legends Mobile are below. There will be new prizes for each season, so be sure to bookmark this page for the freshest information. 

Rank  Required reward
Bronze Bronze rank holo spray
Silver Silver rank holo spray
Gold Gold rank holo spray 
Platinum Platinum rank holo spray
Diamond  Diamond rank trail, frame, and holo spray
Master Master rank trail, frame, and holo spray
Apex predator Predator rank trail, frame, and holo spray

With that, you should be ready to climb the Apex Legends Mobile ranks and claim your end of season prize. While you’re here, why not pick up some more goodies in another last-man-standing shooter with our Free Fire redeem codes