Apex Legends tier list Season 10 – all guns and legends ranked and explained

Check out where all guns and Legends rank in our Apex Legends tier list, so you can be fully kitted out for season 10

Apex Legends characters Wraith, Seer, and Bloodhound

So you’re trying out Apex Legends? Maybe you’re new to Respawn’s battle royale game, or maybe you’re just shifting to a portable experience and want to keep up with the ever-changing meta? Either way, you’ll need to know which legends and weapons are the top of the top if you want to keep up with the game’s ever-changing meta.

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together this Apex Legends tier list for Season 10, so you know exactly who are the best legends, and what are the top guns to pick. Of course, we maintain that you’re best off using what you’re comfortable with and what you enjoy – if your favourite weapon is the P2020 and your favourite character is Loba, who are we to stop you (though, you might not win many matches). Whichever weapons you end up picking, head to the Firing Range first to learn how to manage their recoil and hone your accuracy before jumping into a match.

Of course, if you want to learn more about the Legends themselves, you should check out our Apex Legends characters list. We also have a handy guide to both the current Apex Legends season, and the latest Apex Legends patch notes, so you can keep up to date with all the latest news.

Whether you want to have fun in public matches or climb the Apex Legends ranks, here are our picks for the best legends and weapons in the game:

Apex Legends tier list

Tier Apex Legends character
S Seer, Wraith, Bloodhound
A Gibraltar, Horizon, Valkyrie
B Wattson, Lifeline, Caustic, Crypto, Bangalore
C Fuse, Revenant, Pathfinder, Octane
D Loba, Mirage, Rampart

Apex Legends character Seer

Apex Legends Seer

A new character in the Apex Legends roster, Seer is arguably one of the strongest picks right now thanks to his powerful, high-utility skills. Not only is he able to spot an enemy from afar, he can also stop them from using their healing items, abilities, or even reviving teammates if he hits them with his tactical ability, Focus of Attention. His passive also allows him to gain a good idea of where enemies are, and allows him to work out how much damage they’ve taken by listening to the speed of their heartbeat.

Seer’s ultimate is another brilliant opportunity for the champ to shine, revealing locations of enemies not only to himself, but his whole party, essentially giving his allies the equivalent of wallhacks. It’s been noted just how overpowered Seer is, and Respawn have said they will be nerfing him in the near future, so be sure to give him a shot while he is still on the top of his game.

Due to his wide field of vision, it’s best to pick ranged weapons, such as the G7 Scout, 30-30 Repeater, Rampage LMG, or the Bocek Compound Bow. This will allow you to hang back behind your close-ranged allies, offering a more supportive role, which is especially useful in open space combat.

Wraith in Apex Legends performing electric attacks

Apex Legends Wraith

Wraith has been super popular since her release, and it’s easy to see why. Her Dimensional Rift ultimate ability is perfect for launching a surprise attack or getting out of trouble in a pinch, and the fact that her whole team can utilise her portals makes her the best choice for a hasty reposition. 

For the first seven seasons, Wraith had a notoriously small hitbox, which made her the most difficult character to land a shot on. However, Respawn fixed this in Season 8, meaning that she is now a little bit easier to hit. However, with her tactical ability allowing her to simply disappear from the map for a few seconds, we wouldn’t count on being able to take her out before she enters the void.

Wraith is best paired with short-ranged weapons and defensive allies. An R-99 and EVA-8 Shotgun proves devastating in her otherworldly hands, and support from a Gibraltar is ideal. He can set up his Dome Shield when you need to heal up after a fight and loot some death boxes, or send out a Defensive Bombardment to ward off third parties.

Bloodhound from Apex Legends hunting with a knife

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Bloodhound is an expert tracker, and their abilities can work well to give your team lots of intel when you’re headed into a fight. The most important is their tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather. Bloodhound sends out a scan that reveals enemies’ positions as well as any traps they have set. This allows you to plan the best course of attack and gain the upper hand in any battle.

Their ultimate is essentially a souped-up version of their tactical. Activating Beast of the Hunt not only means you can scan more often, but also gives you a good speed boost and highlights all enemies in red – even if they are usually obscured by smoke or gas.

Season 7 gave all recon characters the ability to scan Survey Beacons too, which adds to Bloodhound’s versatility and means they can provide ring knowledge as well as intel on opponents. You can run Bloodhound with just about any weapon, but we like to go for short to mid-ranged options. The Volt SMG is always a good shout, but anything from a Prowler to a Peacekeeper will serve you well. 

Before we move on to the best weapons, we’ve also written an extensive guide on the Apex Legends characters including all of their abilities, and facts about them. Check it out!

Apex Legends Gun Tier List

The G7 Scout in Apex Legends

Apex Legends best Assault Rifles

Tier Apex Legends weapon
S R-301 Carbine
A G7 Scout
B VK-47 Flatline, 30-30 Repeater, Hemlok

The R-301 shoots slightly faster, deals about 190dps, and has great accuracy, which, despite its slightly lower DPS, means it outweighs its competitors by having a greater number of bullets hit. Both the R-301 and VK-47 can also take the Anvil Receiver hop-up, which drastically increases damage but uses up two bullets per shot. You really can’t go wrong if you pick up an Assault Rifle in Apex Legends. Which you pick, however, likely depends on what role you want it to have in your inventory. The R-301 and VK-47 Flatline are both automatic rifles, but the R-301 is currently the best pick.

However, all Rifles are pretty potent and powerful in season 10, so you can pick up any of them and charge into battle with confidence.

The Devotion from Apex Legends

Apex Legends best LMGs

Tier Apex Legends weapon
S M600 Spitfire, Rampage
A L-Star
B Devotion

Unfortunately, the Devotion has been knocked down a couple of pegs over the last few seasons, but still deals great damage, and is a great drop to get from a care package. The L-Star, on the other hand, is pretty darn powerful despite its long wind up. It’s great for close range, but definitely worth practicing with to get into the swing of its spread pattern. Rampage is currently the best LMG to pick up in Apex Legends, thanks to its high damage and large mag, but the new Rampage is coming in close behind it. The Rampage deals a nasty punch per shot, is nice to handle, and can be charged with the Thermite Grenade, which will provide it with some seriously impressive damage.

The Wingman from Apex Legends

Apex Legends best Pistols

Tier Apex Legends weapon
A Wingman
C RE-45 Auto
D P2020

While the reintegration of Hammerpoint Rounds helps the P2020 against unshielded targets, it remains the worst weapon in the game. The RE-45 Auto, as its name suggests, is fully automatic, but mostly serves as a place to hold your attachments – an extended light magazine etc. – until you get your hands on a more potent Alternator or R-99. When you’re going for a pistol, there’s only one choice: the Wingman. The Wingman is a fantastic weapon, but you’ll need to get a bit of practise in before you can hit your shots. When you’ve got that down, however, it’s ammo-efficient, and doesn’t really need any attachments to be a strong pick. You’ll do a neat 45 damage per shot, rising to 101 if you hit headshots with the Skullpiercer Rifling attachment. The Wingman is also the only pistol that doesn’t lose its headshot multiplier at range, so you can hit some really deft trick shots from across the map if you practise enough – just watch out for that bullet drop.

The Mastiff shotgun in Apex Legends

Apex Legends best Shotguns

Tier Apex Legends weapon
A Peacekeeper
B EVA-8 Auto
C Mastiff
D Mozambique

The Peacekeeper is the best shotgun in the current season, and has great one-shot damage potential. If all ten of your pellets hit your target you’ll do huge damage (with a 1.5x multiplier for any headshots), meaning you can comfortably take down any opponent in a couple of seconds, no matter how much armour they’re wearing. Shotguns are more like hot-guns in Apex Legends right now. The Peacekeeper, Mastiff, and EVA-8 all have a place in any respectable legend’s arsenal, though they have dropped a little in the top rankers over the last two seasons. The most important thing to remember is to get your hands on that epic shotgun bolt, which will tighten the spread of pellets and allow you to fire at a faster rate. 

The EVA-8 is an automatic shotgun, and with an epic bolt attached its rate of fire is astonishing, making it a close call between it and the Peacekeeper. While it only has a small movement penalty when aiming down sights, its hipfire spread is very reasonable too, making it perfect for going into a fight all-guns-blazing. Both guns are great in close range fights, especially if you have some cover to duck behind.

The Mastiff has been nerfed a bit lately, but it is still a viable weapon. Its eight pellets are spread in a horizontal line as opposed to the Peacekeeper’s star-shaped spread, which makes it much harder to hit a headshot with multiple pellets. We’d aim for the shoulder area for maximum damage per shot.

A word must be said about the humble Mozambique, too, as it is no longer the meme weapon it once was. While it’s still not up there with the other Apex Legends shotguns, equipping it with Hammerpoint Rounds can mean you deal some great damage for a headshot against an unshielded target – perfect for the early stages of a game. 

The R99 in Apex Legends

Apex Legends best SMGs

Tier Apex Legends weapon
S Alternator
A Prowler, R-99, Volt
B Alternator SMG

However, the SMG is an all-round great shout, whichever one you pick. The R-99 has the ability to fire off 18 rounds per second, a rate unmatched in the game. You want to focus on getting hold of an extended magazine as soon as possible, but 198 DPS will do bits even without the attachment. On the other hand, whether burst firing or going fully automatic, the Prowler will also shred enemies, and is always worth picking up.SMGs are another great weapon in Apex Legends, with all of the short-ranged guns being viable. For a long time, the Alternator was seen as a poor player’s R-99, but has now established itself as the top SMG. Since the Prowler has been taken out of the care package, the Alternator has taken its place with the awesome disruptor rounds, allowing it to deal 40% greater damage to shielded enemies. This underdog is not to be underestimated in season 10.

The Volt is another fantastic choice, especially for beginners as it has very little recoil to control. It takes energy ammo, and similarly to the R-99 you’ll want that extended magazine as soon as possible in order to maximise your damage. However, the Volt SMG also works at mid-range – we love popping a 2x Bruiser scope on there for just that reason. 

Any of these bad boys can carry you to the end game in the current meta, so it’s worth grabbing the one you feel the most comfortable with, and keeping it at your hip as a trusty companion throughout the match.

The Kraber in Apex Legends

Apex Legends best Snipers

Tier Apex Legends weapon
S Kraber
B Charge Rifle, Longbow
C Sentinel

Our final supply drop weapon is a slow-firing bolt-action sniper. Yes, this means it has a very limited ammo supply, but when you’re hitting up to 435 damage with a headshot it really doesn’t matter. Oh, and did we mention that it is piercing, so can hit multiple enemies if they line up just right? Seriously, this rifle can win you games on its own if you’re accurate enough to wield it to its full potential. The sniper class is probably the widest-ranging class in Apex Legends. At the top of the pile, you have the Kraber – which is probably the best weapon in the entire game and at the bottom you have the Sentinel, which could be one of the worst. We’ll start with the positives: the Kraber. 

The Charge Rifle is completely unique. First of all, it’s the only hitscan weapon in Apex Legends, meaning that you don’t need to compensate for bullet drop or travel time when lining up a shot. It fires a beam of energy that ticks up damage and is perfect for leveling up Evo-Shields quickly. 

The Longbow and Sentinel both deal high damage but have low rates of fire. The Longbow trundles into the lead with 78dps, whereas the Sentinel has dropped to 40dps, making it almost half of its competitor. The Sentinel’s ability to power up shots using shield cells is also a bit too niche, and doesn’t increase its damage by enough to warrant wasting the materials. With all the sniper rifles barring the Kraber, which comes fully kitted, you’ll want to focus on finding a long-range optic as quickly as possible.

There you have it, the complete Apex Legends tier list for your every need. Of course, the meta is always shifting and abilities and weapons are often rebalanced, so we’ll keep this page updated at every turn. But for now, you’re ready to drop into Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, or Olympus with the knowledge you need to start taking kills and grabbing wins. May the Allfather be with you.

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