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Apex Legends tracker

An Apex Legends Tracker lets you keep tabs on this Battle Royale, with stats, leaderboards, Apex packs, and more, so we've listed the best ones to use.

Apex Legends tracker; group picture of Apex Legends characters

Using an Apex Legends tracker is a great way to keep tabs on everything you could possibly wish to know, like wins, kills, how you’re progressing through the game, and how your skills compare to other players. Whether you’re a seasoned Apex Legends player or you’re jumping in for the first time, it’s understandable that you want to keep track of your stats. You’ll want to use a tracker to view statistics that aren’t offered in-game, so we’ve got a list of all the best ones to check out.

The main stat that players want to track is how many Apex Packs they have opened. That’s because every pack has a minuscule chance of rewarding you with Heirloom Shards, which unlock a coveted cosmetic for one of your favorite Apex Legends characters. However, you are guaranteed Heirloom Shards in your 500th pack if you haven’t unlocked one already, hence why people want to keep track of how many they have opened. If you want to keep tabs on the meta too, we have an Apex Legends tier list for you to check out.

Here are our favourite Apex Legends trackers:

Best overall Apex Legends tracker for wins, kills, and more

The tracker over at Tab Stats is pretty exhaustive, and we’d expect nothing less. Tab Stats tracks statistics in nine different games, including Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty: Warzone, so they’ve had a lot of practise.

To use their system, simply go to the Tab Stats Apex Legends Tracker page and type in your username. Make sure to select whether you play on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation (unfortunately, there’s currently no option for tracking stats on your Nintendo Switch account) and click search. Select your name from the list and you’ll be able to see how many kills you have, how many wins you’ve achieved, and break things down by which legends you did it with.

Tracking Fuse's stats in Apex Legends

Best Apex Legends tracker for leaderboards

It works very similarly to the Tab Stats tracker, but if you want a different layout then it’s worth trying out. Simply head to the tracker.gg and follow the intuitive steps to see all your stats.

However, we really like the leaderboards on tracker.gg, as they allow you to sort by all manner of options, including showing the very top players and those at the pinnacle of the Apex Legends ranks. Will you ever get more kills than the legendary Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel? It’s unlikely, but it’s something to aim for.

Best Apex Legends tracker for Apex Packs

We really like Mike Zarandona’s Apex Legends tracker for keeping tabs on your progress towards a coveted heirloom. Simply plug in your level and your previous battle pass progress (you can find all this information on your account in-game) and the calculator will tell you how many packs you have opened in your Apex Legends career and how close to an heirloom you are.

Apex Legends Dev Tracker

So this is a slightly different type of tracker, but if you want to keep an eye on everything the Apex Legends Devs have been up to in the wide world of the interwebs, you can check out the Apex Legends Dev Tracker.

Apex Legends Twitch Tracker

Another wildcard, but if you’re more of a viewer than a player (it’s cool, we get it, sometimes there’s nothing better than chilling out to the mellow timbre of a gaming stream) you can head over to the Apex Legends Twitch Tracker. Here, you’ll be able to keep an eye on all the top Apex streams, and check out the highlights of the month.

These are our favourite trackers for keeping up to date with how you rank in terms of kills, damage, ranked RP, or how many packs you’ve opened. Now all that’s left to do is jump into some matches and get some kills on the board!

If you want more intel on Respawn’s infamous battle royale, check out the list of Apex Legends characters with everything we know about the newest faces in the arena, plus we’ve got a detailed breakdown of the latest Apex Legends patch notes.