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Zelda: Link’s Awakening dev has a new game coming to Apple Arcade

Alongside a Grezzo title coming as an exclusive, the June Apple Arcade update brings ad-free versions of App Store classics to the iOS subscription service.

Apple Arcade update header showing art for a new game called Jet Dragon. Three 2D drawings of women in an anime style are on a colourful abstract background. On the left, a woman in a white and black outfit with parted blonde hair, almost in ponytails but more ornate. On the right, a woman in a shirt and tiw with a green jacket and short blue hair. In the middle a woman in a white top and jacket with pink wavy hair over her shoulders.

There’s a new Apple Arcade update for June, bringing with it a new original game developed by Grezzo, the team behind one of the best Zelda games, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake on Switch. As always, we’re also getting ad-free versions of iOS hits with a bunch of new App Store Greats.

The team at Grezzo has made Jet Dragon, an adventure game where you build a team, train dragons, and race them. You train and nurture these dragons to help them improve, then head out racing again. Sounds pretty interesting, and it comes to Apple Arcade on June 16.

Meanwhile, Apple has assigned Bold Moves, Retro Bowl, Retro Goal, and Millionaire Trivia: TV Game as App Store Greats, so they all now get added to Apple Arcade with a plus symbol next to their names. This means they’re all ad-free, with no in-game purchases and the like. Lovely.

What’s coming in the June Apple Arcade update?

Here’s a full list of every game in the June Apple Arcade update:

Game Developer Date
Bold Moves+ Red Games June 9
Jet Dragon Grezzo June 16
Retro Bowl+ New Star Games June 23
Retro Goal+ New Star Games June 23
Millionaire Trivia: TV Game+ Uken Games June 30

This all comes after Apple Arcade’s new game bonanza last month, with 20 new games all advertised with the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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