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Mobile game Arena Breakout’s closed beta is now live

MoreFun Studios’ Arena Breakout closed beta is now live, with the Tencent subsidiary bringing the tactical shooter to mobile phones

Arena Breakout closed beta posters showing the side of a soldier with a large black helmet and gun pointed forward to the right in a haze of smoke.

Arena Breakout’s closed beta is now live, bringing MoreFun Studio’s tactical shooter to mobile to test it out before release. Anyone based in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, The Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States can join the closed beta via Android devices.

MoreFun promises a “first-of-its-kind tactical extraction shooter” with Arena Breakout, where you “play as fortune-seeking operators and rogues on raids in the Dark Zone with the freedom to fight however they desire.” You need to take down enemies in loud firefights or via stealth and survive to the end.

If you don’t survive, you lose all the things you found in the game and anything you bought. Get out alive, however, and you can increase your weapons cache and continue climbing the ladder. There’s also weapon customisation with over 700 accessories. To download Arena Breakout, head to Google Play or the official website. The latter includes a lite version for less powerful devices.

You can check out the Arena Breakout closed beta trailer below.

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