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Mobile game Arena Breakout open for pre-registration on iOS, Android

Arena Breakout’s pre-registration is now live, so you can prepare to jump into this FPS mobile game from Level Infinite as soon as it’s available.

Arena Breakout pre-registration header showing a grizzled old-man with a grey beard in an army uniform and helmet, holding a gun to the ground sitting down in a sterile room.

Arena Breakout, a new FPS game for iOS and Android, is now available for pre-registration. This means you can get ready to jump into the mobile game on day one, and there are a bunch of rewards for certain Arena Breakout pre-registration milestones, assuming enough people sign up.

This announcement came with a new trailer, showing off some dark and dingy gameplay. A character crawls through a dark room, someone says “sitrep”, and a fella gets shot in the head. This is FPS 101, with all the trappings you’d expect from this sort of thing.

All joking aside, Arena Breakout looks pretty lovely, graphically. Plus, there’s all the mobile gubbins you could need, with inventories full of loot and cha-ching sound effects all over. Shoot and loot is back, baby.

How do I sign up for Arena Breakout pre-registration?

You can sign up for Arena Breakout pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play, or head to the official website to see the rewards available. You can also check out the pre-reg trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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