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Ashfall brings Hans Zimmer and Fallout producer together for score

As we approach the Ashfall release date we learn that Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, Iron Man’s Steve Mazzaro, and Fallout’s Inon Zur are collaborating on the score.

Ashfall release date header showing the back of character jogging through a sandy wasteland. Everything is orange, and in the distance there's a makeshift tower out of sand-dusted steel sheets, by the looks of it. The character is in dark military gear and has a rifle over their shoulder and rucksack on their back.

Legendary composer Hans Zimmer and previous collaborator Steve Mazzaro are working together again, this time with Fallout’s music producer for NetEase’s new post-apocalyptic game Ashfall. As we head towards the Ashfall release date, it’s just another aspect of what looks like a massive universe.

Ashfall’s central premise is a future world where AI wages war on humanity, leading to the basis for its shooter action. This ties in nicely with what Zimmer and Mazzaro say in the video below, as the two incorporate grand orchestras and futuristic synths to complement the game’s setting. They previously collaborated on films The Dark Knight Rises and Boss Baby.

Ashfall also has “a distinctively Eastern flavor to its visuals and soundtrack”, another thing noted by the composers. Various woodwind and string instruments are incorporated to complement the different towns and cities you visit on the journey. Of course, this is just one aspect of any videogame, but it’s nice to see such a focus on the score.

When is the Ashfall release date?

Ashfall is set to launch on Android, iOS, and PC in 2023. We don’t have a firm release day, but there is a beta in July, which you can sign up for here. Check out the composers chatting about the score below.

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