Astra: Knights of Veda brings Hybe into the gaming industry

Astra: Knights of Veda marks leading K-pop company Hybe’s gaming industry debut later this year as the MMORPG is set to release on mobile platforms.

Astra Knights of Veda release date: characters dressed in fancy clothing

If you’re a K-pop stan, the label Hybe is likely something you recognize. After unleashing incredible bands like BTS on the world they’re now entering the gaming industry as publisher of a new game – we’re excited for the Astra: Knights of Veda release date already. It’s about time we got another mobile MMORPG, so it’s on our watchlist.

Hybe is Korea’s leading entertainment company and now its subsidiary, Hybe IM, takes the brand into the gaming industry at the helm of Astra: Knights of Veda along with Flint as developer.

Astra: Knights of Veda is a MMORPG and has a team of veterans behind it boasting experience at Nexon, EA Korea, and other studios. We’re sure they’ll do Astra justice and make it a successful title, along with future Hybe games.

When is the Astra: Knights of Veda release date?

The story-rich game aims to recreate the success of Flint’s previous mobile game, Dragon Blaze, which went down a storm in 2014. We expect the Astra: Knights of Veda release date later in 2023, though there is no confirmation just yet. It will come to iOS, Android, and PC.

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You can expect stunning visuals accompanying a stylish, tactical combat experience, wrapped up with an immersive story. It’s a 2D game, featuring over 1,800 cutscenes and some fantastic artwork.

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